‘The Challenge’: Jenna Defends Her Relationship With Zach After Cara Maria Slams Him

Jenna and Zach's relationship is under major scrutiny on this season of 'The Challenge,' and she is NOT here for it. Here's what she has to say to haters who don't believe their love is the real deal!

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Things got tense between Cara Maria Sorbello and Zach Nichols during the March 6 episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds. When Cara heard Zach talking smack about her and Paulie Calafiore’s relationship, she retaliated by voting him into an elimination — and she did not hold back while calling him out! While revealing her reason for choosing Zach to go in, Cara slammed him for his poor treatment of women, and accused him of treating his girlfriend, Jenna Compono, terribly. Jenna jumped in to defend her man, and she took to Twitter after the episode aired to let the haters know that she and Zach are doing JUST fine.

“People low blow at Zach’s relationship which is a low blow at me,” she wrote. “I’m a ride or die, I stand up for the people i love. Me and Zach don’t act like we’re this picture perfect couple. Talk to us four years ago yeah we were. But life happens, drama happens, TV happens. I’m just thankful to be a strong enough couple to get through it. In case you’re wondering, we are doing GREAT. So mind your beeswax.” Jenna and Zach have been through a lot of ups and downs on The Challenge over the years. They first met on Battle of the Exes 2 in 2014, but while Jenna was on Rivals III in 2016, she found out Zach was cheating on her.

The two broke up after that, but found themselves back in The Challenge house together the very next season. Their behavior with one another was very flirty that season, but it wasn’t until they filmed Champs vs. Stars in the summer of 2017 that the spark really came back. They started dating after that season, and have been together ever since.

However, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been tested since then. In fact, at the very beginning of War of the Worlds, they got in a major fight after Zach’s nemesis, Amanda Garcia, revealed that he was using the Bumble dating app after being eliminated from the previous Challenge season, Final Reckoning. Zach and Jenna got into a fight about it and there were definitely some tears, but they were able to work through it.

Jenna has continuously defended her relationship with Zach on social media, and has made it clear that things are going well between them. She recently revealed that she will be moving to Michigan from New York City to be with Zach, as well!

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