‘The Challenge’ Recap: Zach & Cara’s Friendship Is Torn Apart Over His Allegiance To Kyle

Cara Maria's alliance gains control on the March 6 episode of 'The Challenge,' but the power takes a major toll on her friendship with Zach. Here's a full recap!

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The March 6 episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds picks up after Kyle and Mattie’s elimination win, which is obviously upsetting for his ex and nemesis, Cara Maria. Her mood is dampened even further when she overhears her former friend and allyZach, talking crap about her to Kyle again. It’s time to get to the next challenge, though — and it’s a doozy. The pairs, who will be tied together, have to race across the desert and up a sand dune to retrieve tires, which they then have to bring back across the sand to build a massive tower of tires. They have to do this 14 times, so it’s obviously going to get incredibly tiring.

Da’Vonne gets gassed out in the middle of the challenge and wants to take a minute to slow down and walk, which majorly upsets her partner, Bear, and his reaction is out of control. He begins screaming at Da’Vonne at the top of his lungs, and quits the challenge. Da’Vonne is obviously humiliated, but refuses to give up, and continues to do the challenge on her own, despite her partner’s despicable behavior. Meanwhile, Hunter also seems to have some trouble keeping his endurance up, and he gets pretty testy with his partner, Georgia, when she tries to motivate him to keep going.

In the end, Paulie and Natalie win the challenge, followed by Nany and Turbo and Cara Maria and Theo, which means those three teams hold the power and will get to make up the Tribunal. As always, they’ll choose three teams to be up for elimination, then give them a chance to say their piece before picking oen to go in. However, Kyle and Mattie are off the table — they’re safe from elimination after their victory last week.

It’s no surprise that Cara Maria is gunning for Zach, although Theo isn’t thrilled because Zach is partnered with one of his U.K. alliance members, Zahida. Meanwhile, Turbo and Nany are pissed at Bear’s behavior, so they vote for him. The third vote goes to Zach’s girlfriend, Jenna, and Gus, but Nany makes her fellow Tribunal members assure her that it’s JUST a burn vote, considering Jenna is her closest ally.

At the deliberation, Cara and Zach get into a screaming match, during which she slams him for how he speaks to women and how he treats Jenna. He knows he has no shot at changing her mind, and wants nothing to do with the situation, so he storms out. Meanwhile, Bear gets beyond defensive when he’s called out for his actions at the challenge, and refuses to take ownership for how poorly he behaved. Da’Vonne knows she’s in a tough situation with her difficult partner, but she gives one desperate plea to the Tribunal, even breaking down in tears as she explains that she’s playing this game, not only for herself, but for her child back at home.

Finally, it’s elimination time. Each member of the Tribunal gets to cast a vote for who they want to compete on the Killing Floor. Obviously, Cara goes for Zach/Zahida, while Theo burns his vote on Gus and Jenna, who he has no allegiance to. Nany sticks to her Bear/Da’Vonne vote, and her partner, Turbo agrees. Paulie stands by his girl, Cara, though, and votes for Zach, with Natalie staying strong to their alliance and following suit.

Now, Zach and Zahida have to choose their opponent, which proves to be more difficult than expected. He wants to go with the obvious choice, Bear and Da’Vonne, but she’s in an alliance with Bear and fellow U.K. players. Zahida wants to choose Josh and Amanda, who is one of Zach’s biggest enemies ever on The Challenge. However, Amanda ALSO hates Cara Maria, so this season, she and Zach have a common ground, and he wants to keep her around. Finally, they decide to go with Wes and Dee, who neither have any allegiance to.

Wes and Dee pull out the win during the elimination challenge, which means they’re staying in the game AND are automatically safe next week. Zach and Zahida are sent packing, which is great news for Cara and Paulie, but bad news for Kyle and Zach’s girlfriend, Jenna. The show continues on March 13 at 9:00 p.m. on MTV!

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