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Sophie Perry: 5 Things To Know About Luke Perry’s 18-Year-Old Daughter

Luke Perry passed away while surrounded by his loved ones, including his teenage daughter, Sophie Perry. As the world mourns the loss of the ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ star, here’s what you need to know about his youngest child.

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Fans, friends and loved ones are still broken-hearted over the shocking and unexpected death of Luke Perry. The 52-year-old star of Beverly Hills, 90210 and Riverdale passed away on March 4 after suffering a massive stroke. As Luke left us, he was surrounded by his family, including his 18-year-old daughter, Sophie Perry. Here’s what you need to know about Luke’s youngest.

1. Her mother is Rachel “Minnie” Sharp. Luke was only married once before his tragic passing, though he was engaged to Wendy Madison Bauer at the time of his death. He and Rachel Minnie Sharp, a onetime furniture saleswoman, tied the knot in November 1993. During their ten years of wedded bliss, they welcomed two children into the world, before separating in 2003.

2. She has an older brother. Sophie was born on June 7, 2000, nearly three years after Luke and Minnie welcomed Jack Perry, 21, into the world. While Sophie has, for the most part, kept a low profile, her older brother has developed quite a following in the professional wrestling world. While performing under the name “Jungle Boy Nate Coy,” Luke’s son has made a name for himself in the California independent wrestling scene, appearing in promotions like Pro Wrestling Guerilla, Pro Wrestling Revolution, and All Pro Wrestling. He recently signed with All Elite Wrestling, a move that was celebrated by his father and sister online.

3. She was in Africa before her father’s stroke. “Just a lil lemon in Africa where she has no place being,” Sophie’s Instagram (click to see pictures) bio read at the time of this posts’ publication. Luke’s daughter had gone to Malawi, a country in East Africa, “for 6 months to work on community development projects,” according to her Sep. 2018 Instagram post. Since Jan. 29, she has posted pictures from the African country, including one shot (on Feb. 27) from the back of a motorcycle. “It’s been a month and Malawi has gifted me with so so much joy, beauty, and malaria. Wouldn’t trade it.”

4. Luke hoped she never dated anyone like his 90210 character. Though Luke’s major claim to fame was portraying heartthrob Dylan McKay on the 90s hit, Beverly Hills, 90210, the last thing he really wanted was to see his teenage daughter wind up with someone like the show’s brooding bad-boy. “I know that brother, I know what he’s up to,” he said to Us Weekly in a 2017 Facebook Live chat. “He’s absolutely a man of character, so she could do worse. But it wouldn’t be my first pick, no.”

5. Sophie had a close relationship with her father. There are only a few pictures on Sophie’s Instagram, and there’s a reason for that – as she said in June 2018 that someone compromised her account. The oldest picture on her @lemonperry account is a heartbreakingly sweet one, as it’s a shot of her father kissing her on the cheek. “Since I got hacked I never got to post my prom pics so here you go!” she wrote. “I don’t have any with my mom cuz she hates pictures so yeah. I was going for that like. Frenchie at the dance vibes idk?”

Our thoughts are with Sophie and her family during this time of loss.