‘The Challenge’ Recap: Amanda Drops A Shocking Secret About Zach That Leaves Jenna In Tears

One competitor gets the ultimate revenge in an elimination for the ages on this episode of 'The Challenge.' Plus, Amanda nearly causes Zach and Jenna to break up after dropping a bomb on their relationship.

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The Feb. 13 episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds begins with a weekly challenge that puts the players’ strength to the test! The challenge is a massive game of tug-of-war, with individual players from one team going against a player of the same sex from another team. The game lasts for five minutes, and at the end, the amount of rope left on each competitors’ side is measured. The amount of rope for both individuals in each pair is added together, and whoever has the most rope wins. However, TJ Lavin explains that the goal for the pairs is to simply land in the top three, which is considered the Tribunal.

At the end, the Tribunal is made up of Cara Maria/TheoJohnny Bananas/Morgan and Amanda/Josh. Together, they have to come up with three possible teams to put up for elimination. This proves to be a problem for Amanda, who knows she’s on the outs with Cara and Johnny. During the deliberation, she, unsurprisingly, reveals that she doesn’t want to say her friends, Ashley M. or Hunter’s, names. Well, that’s just the ammunition Johnny and Cara need to cast Ashley/Chase and Hunter/Georgia as their votes, while letting Amanda choose the third pair. She goes with her nemesis, Zach, and his partner, Zahida, and even though Johnny is aligned with Zach, he’s not worried — he knows that he and Cara will still have the upperhand against Amanda when it comes to narrowing it down to one team.

All three teams have a chance to plead their case to the Tribunal, and afterward, it doesn’t take long for drama to erupt. Amanda goes off on Morgan for not having a voice in her partnership with Bananas, and eventually, it leads to the ultimate blowout between Amanda and Jenna. Jenna and Amanda have had a rocky history since Amanda spread a rumor about Jenna hooking up with Bruno on The Challenge: Invasion, and things were made worse during The Challenge: Final Reckoning, when Amanda was partnered with Jenna’s boyfriend, Zach. Amanda and Zach did NOT get along, and after their elimination, she threatened to “drop a bomb” about him during the show’s reunion.

Amanda wound up not spilling the tea at the reunion, but the threat is clearly still weighing on Jenna’s mind during War of the Worlds, and she tells Amanda to just “say it.” Amanda reveals that Zach had downloaded the Bumble dating app after their elimination in Thailand, even though he was with Jenna at the time. Zach admits to creating a “fake” profile on the app, but insists to Jenna that he never “swiped right” on anyone. However, Zach has cheated on Jenna in the past, and previous trust issues are brought to light. It leads to an emotional fight between Zach and Jenna, during which he threatens to end things. Eventually, they’re able to come to an agreement to table the discussion, and since filming has ended, they’ve been in a great place (Jenna’s even moving to Michigan to live with Zach)

At the elimination, which is called the ‘Killing Floor,’ TJ reveals that all six individual players in the Tribunal will get to cast a vote. Bananas and Morgan each vote for Hunter/Georgia, while Cara/Theo each vote for Ashley/Chase. Amanda, obviously, votes for Zach, but her partner, Josh, opts for Hunter, which sends Hunter and Georgia right in. They then have the chance to choose anyone they want to go against, as long as it’s not one of the teams in the Tribunal. Hunter gets the ultimate revenge by choosing to go against Ashley/Chase — remember, Ashley was his partner last season, and stole his half of the money when they won the whole thing!

After a fairly quick elimination challenge, Hunter and Georgia are declared the winners, and Ashley and Chase are sent straight home. That’s right — NO redemption house this season, so it’s officially over for those two! However, TJ Lavin ends the episode revealing there’s another twist coming, but we’ll have to wait until next week to find out what it is!

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