‘The Challenge’ Preview: Jenna Slams Amanda As A ‘Liar’ During Explosive Fight

Jenna and Amanda's beef has been building up, and it all comes to a head on the upcoming episode of 'The Challenge: War of the Worlds.' Watch an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of their fight here!

It’s no secret that Amanda Garcia has major problems with The Challenge power couple, Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols, and with all three of them competing on The Challenge: War of the Worlds, it didn’t take long for the drama to start. In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the Feb. 13 episode, Jenna and Amanda can be seen screaming at one another, while other castmates gather around. “Jenna decides to come in my ear — mistake,” Amanda says. “When you put yourself in the position to argue with me, be ready for the bullets to be coming 100 mph.”

At first, it seems Amanda is a bit confused about why Jenna is coming after her now, but it doesn’t take long for the truth to come out. “You were just about to ‘drop a bomb’ on the f***ing reunion,” Jenna tells her nemesis. “Everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie. Everyone is sick of it!” Jenna is referring to the previous season of The Challenge: Final Reckoning, which was in the middle of airing as the cast filmed War of the Worlds. Amanda and Zach were partnered as rivals on the show, and she tweeted a threat to “expose” him during the reunion show.

When the reunion actually did happen, Amanda decided to bite her tongue, and explained that she wasn’t going to be spilling any tea because her alleged “secret” could potentially ruin a real-life relationship. Jenna appeared to be unfazed by Amanda’s threats at the time, but it seems the idea was haunting her weeks later during filming of War of the Worlds. “Why don’t you say it, while we’re all here?” Jenna prompts Amanda in the sneak peek. We’ll have to wait and see if Amanda actually does drop the bomb when the full episode airs at 9:00 p.m. on MTV Feb. 13!

Amanda and Jenna’s beef stems back to The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions, after Amanda spread a rumor that Jenna cheated on Zach with Bruno Bettencourt. While Jenna did admit to kissing Bruno, Amanda claimed she heard that much more went down. The drama intensified when Amanda and Zach were partnered on Final Reckoning — they pretty much couldn’t agree on anythingand were even sent into an elimination simply because they couldn’t come to a unanimous decision about who else to vote in. Something tells us this feud will spill into this entire new season!

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