Johnny Bananas Disses Cara Maria For Staying With ‘Sociopath’ Paulie After Cheating Drama

Cara Maria Sorbello is getting a lot of flack for seemingly taking Paulie Calafiore back even though he lied to her for months. Even her former friend, Johnny Bananas, is throwing some shade at her for it!

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It appears that Cara Maria Sorbello may be back together with Paulie Calafiore after his shocking cheating scandal, and her pal, Johnny Bananas, is not happy about it. Tons of Cara’s castmates from The Challenge have been expressing their opinion over her drama with Paulie recently, and in response, she tweeted on Jan. 14, “I just realized. My Twitter feed is basically horses and pizza. Not me constantly negatively commenting on my cast mates lives regardless of whether they are happy or sad. That’s. So. Weird.” In response, Johnny wrote back, “Great advice Cara! You should have cc’d your sociopath of a boyfriend on this tweet.”

In case you need a little refresher: Cara and Paulie first got together when they filmed The Challenge: Final Reckoning last spring. At the time, Paulie was dating Danielle Maltby, but when news of his and Cara’s hookup went public, he publicly revealed that he had already called Danielle and came clean about everything. From then on, Paulie and Cara were very much seeing each other, although they considered it an “open relationship” at first. They went onto film season 33 of The Challenge this fall, and came back seeming more in love than ever. That’s when Danielle came forward and revealed that Paulie had secretly been seeing her without Cara knowing for months, and she released text messages to show that he had been professing his love to her the entire time. Cara was totally blindsided, and although Paulie tried to deny it all at first, he eventually came clean.

Since then, he’s been working to win Cara back, and even took a previously-scheduled trip to her home in Montana last weekend. The pair didn’t post any photos together, but shared videos to their respective Instagram stories that appeared to show that they were in the same club.

When the drama between Cara and Paulie first started playing out in the media, Johnny showed support for Cara by tweeting that he was #TeamCaraMaria. However, it doesn’t seem like he’s taking too kindly to the rumors that she might’ve taken Paulie back, which is where his Jan. 14 tweet came in.

Johnny and Paulie also went head-to-head on Twitter themselves. When the official Challenge Twitter account shared a throwback video of Bananas, Paulie tweeted in response, “Some things never change….Johnny running his mouth the flinching like a little b****…..he’s not about that life.” Johnny quickly fired back with a message in return, though.”Between doing Karate in his mom’s basement and baking cookies in the Keebler tree just where does this guy find the time to tweet,” he questioned.

Paulie continued the back and forth by telling  Johnny that his “crown is slipping,” and let him know that he’ll “be there to catch it” when it does. To that, Johnny said, “I’ll make it easy for you. How about insteadI leave it on your kitchen counter…along with a phone book so you can reach it.” BURN!

As for Cara and Johnny, there were hints that their friendship might be on the rocks even before Johnny’s diss about Paulie. The two went at it on Twitter in mid-December, and their banter seemed much more hostile than friendly. The tweets left fans speculating whether or not the two had a falling out while filming the new season of The Challenge, but if that’s the case, we’ll have to wait until it premieres later this year!