Brittany Cartwright Claims Woman Put Gum In Her Hair After Altercation Over 1st Class Bathroom On Delta

Brittany Cartwright took to Twitter to detail a shocking account of a fellow Delta passenger allegedly pulling her hair & putting gum in it!

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This truly sounds like the airplane passenger from hell. Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor were debarking a plane in Miami when a woman allegedly grabbed her hair and put gum in it. “I cannot believe this day, Brittany wrote in a message she shared on Twitter. “I was in the first class airplane bathroom on Delta (right by the flight attendants by the way) when a woman started shaking my door a good 3 to 4 times when I had already told her someone was in there. When I stepped out I showed her the door and pointed where it said occupied and vacant. After that she came back and sat in her seat a couple rows in front of me. Her and the guy she was talking about me pointing at me, making fun of me, all because I said there was an occupied and a vacant sign!!”

Later on, when Brittany was getting off the plane, the woman allegedly became physical with her. “Not only did she do all of this, she walks out of the plane in front of me and right after we get out of the jet bridge she stops to get behind me, PUSHES ME and PULLS MY HAIR,” Brittany went on to say. “Jax saw it all happen so of course we walk after her and say how dare you touch me I did nothing but show you a sign. Once I get to the house in Miami I realize she put gum in my hair when she pulled it and pushed me.”

After this incident, Brittany will apparently seek legal recourse against her alleged assailant. “This kind of behavior is not acceptable and I will be pressing charges,” she added. “This incident was a complete assault. I had to cut gum out of my hair. I did absolutely nothing to deserve this and I feel like a mean girl like this needs to be put in her place before she reacts like this to someone else. I hope delta does the right thing. I have her flight information, seat number, everything. I would NEVER ever disrespect someone this way, no matter how mad they made me so I can’t believe this behavior exists. It makes me sad and I can’t get over it. I will make sure this lady knows she can’t treat people this way. If this is what she will do at an AIRPORT (and get away with it) imagine what she is doing elsewhere.”

Meanwhile, since this altercation happened, so many of her Vanderpump Rules stars have expressed their support for Brittany. Stassi Schroeder wrote, “This is effing insane. Currently making a witches brew for this loser.” Katie Maloney tweeted, “I’m sorry Brittany! You got my support.. agent @kristendoute is on the job!” And Kristen Doute wrote, “not gonna stop til we out this immature ass. WHO DOES THAT!?”

We’ll keep you posted as this situation develops. In the meantime, check out all of Brittany and Jax’s latest photos in our gallery above.

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