‘Vanderpump Rules’: James Kennedy Pleads For His Job After Katie Begs Lisa To Fire Him

The Dec. 23 episode of 'Vanderpump Rules' ended with someone in tears after Katie's ultimatum forced Lisa Vanderpump to reconsider employing James at SUR.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Bravo

It looks like James Kennedy‘s “See You Next Tuesday” event at SUR will no longer see the light of day, as “The White Kanye West” was fired from the restaurant during the Dec. 23 episode of Vanderpump Rules. The heartbreaking moment came after Katie gave Lisa Vanderpump an ultimatum — either Lisa was going to fire James for body-shaming Katie, or Katie was going to quit. It was a tough decision for Lisa because James’ “See You Next Tuesday” events brought in a lot of money for the restaurant, but ultimately, Lisa felt it was important to defend the women that she’s employed. Thus, James was fired. And James didn’t take the news very easily — he immediately burst into tears once Lisa said she was getting rid of him, and then he went into a tangent about how he just got an expensive new apartment, pays rent for his parents, helps take care of his brothers, and just gifted one of his siblings with a check for $5,000. So James basically needed this job to stay afloat, and now he’s going to have to find a new gig. Lisa also told James that he should never drink alcohol ever again. And after promising that he wouldn’t, he pleaded for his job some more, but Lisa refused to oblige. So James stormed out of SUR with tears streaming down his face.

James was also dumped by Scheana this week, when Scheana cut ties with him just so she could prove her loyalty to Katie, Kristen and Stassi. Stassi told Scheana that she didn’t like how she was always flip-flopping with everyone, so Scheana finally decided to take a stand and end her friendship with James. But not after she had James help her move out of her apartment. She waited until after he had loaded all of her moving boxes into a truck before she axed him from her life. Terrible, right?

Meanwhile, Lala resented having to return to work at SUR after enjoying a glamorous time in NYC with her boyfriend. He was busy promoting his new movie, Gotti, which was exciting for her, so when Lala was forced to return to the restaurant she wasn’t happy about it. And she took her frustration out on Raquel during a heated conversation about James. Lala asked Raquel to stop being so naive about James, but Raquel refused to believe that that James cheated on her. And after some clapping in the face and some name calling, Lala stormed off. And then Raquel cried to James, saying everyone’s been bullying her.

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