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‘The Challenge’: CT Reveals How He Convinced His Wife To Film Wedding For MTV Special

We caught up with CT Tamburello EXCLUSIVELY about his MTV wedding special, 'The Challenge: CT's Getting Married,' including why he decided to make his private life so public and more!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of MTV

Longtime fans of The Challenge have seen CT Tamburello go through a LOT over the years, and he’s taking those fans along for the ride when he walks down the aisle! CT married Lilianet Solares, the mother of his toddler son, earlier this year, and the nuptials will air during a two-part MTV special, The Challenge: CT’s Getting Married, on Dec. 11 and 18. The decision to air the wedding on television was a bit of a shock to fans who love CT, as he’s always kept his personal life as private as possible over the years.

“Me and Lili are proud of this chapter of our life and don’t want to hide it,” he told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “I want to be more open about it. Now that I’m older, I’m starting a new chapter, and I’m very proud and want to share it with everybody.” Of course, Lili is not a reality TV star like CT is, so it did take a little bit of convincing to get her to put all of this on camera for the world to see. CT explained that wedding planning started off pretty difficult for the couple, as they couldn’t decide on the best location.

“One thing led to another and [MTV] was like…we’d love to film it,” he revealed. “Lili was like…no. But everything kept getting pushed forward and back and she got to a point where she felt like she was never going to get married. So she was like, let’s just do it at this point. Deep down, I think she wanted that Cinderella wedding. She had some experience with cast members since she’s traveled with me, so she was fine.”

Even though planning of the wedding was figured out once MTV stepped in, though, doesn’t mean there will be a shortage of drama. In a preview released for the special, it was revealed that CT is having trouble getting some of his family members, who aren’t the biggest fans of Lili, to attend the wedding. “The drama was even more than you saw,” he admitted. “I’m very happy, though. I wish there wasn’t so much drama, but it’s not going to rain on my wedding day!”

Part one of CT’s Getting Married airs on MTV on Dec. 11 at 9:00 p.m. ET. Tune in to see what happens for CT and his bride!