‘The Challenge’: Tori Blasts Britni As ‘Trashy & Sloppy’ After She Dishes On Sex With Brad At Reunion

Brad Fiorenza got called out BIG time by his ex, Britni Nicol, during 'The Challenge: Final Reckoning' reunion, and his other ex, Tori Hall, came to his defense on Twitter. Now, the ladies are going at it BIG TIME!

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Even though Britni Nicol didn’t attend The Challenge: Final Reckoning reunion, she caused QUITE a stir when she Skyped in to discuss her relationship with Brad Fiorenza! The pair were dating on the show, but Britni was partnered with her ex, Chuck Mowery. The duo was eliminated early on, and their behavior got a bit flirty in the Redemption House. After filming ended, Britni and Brad broke up, and during the reunion, she went OFF about how he dumped her at the airport after they “f***ed for hours” during a weekend visit.

Brad’s ex-wife and fellow Challenge vet, as well as the mother of Brad’s two children, Tori Hall, was NOT pleased with Britni’s behavior. So, she took to Twitter to call her out after the reunion aired. “This is so trashy and sloppy,” Tori wrote. “There is a time and place to address certain actions, and national television is NOT the place to discuss the bedroom. @BradFiorenza you handled that with class.” Well, Britni has made it clear that she isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, so naturally she fired back with a tweet of her own — and threatened to expose some things about Tori, too.

“Make sure your doorstep is clean before you try to sweep mine bc we both know I know things about you that will ruin your perfect little image,” Britni wrote. “Pillow talk sure comes handy sometimes.” Thanks for the image of you and Brad talking about his ex in bed, Brit! Tori sent back one last tweet in response, writing, “Sweet girl, I’m not the enemy here. You are focusing on the wrong person. I also never claimed to be perfect. I’m so flawed and broken, so whatever tea you think you have, enjoy it, spill it, do what makes you feel better.”

For his part, Brad stayed quiet about the situation. However, during the reunion he did defend himself against Britni’s claims that he “f***ed” her and dumped her. “We were not together at that point,” he said. He also added that seeing the footage of Britni and Chuck on The Challenge made him feel “uncomfortable” with being in a long distance relationship with Brit.