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Nicki Minaj & Drake Unfollow Each Other On Instagram After He Befriends Meek Mill & Travis Scott

It looks like Drake's friendship with Meek Mill may have taken a toll on his friendship with the rapper's ex, Nicki Minaj -- because the two no longer follow each other on Instagram!

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Drake may have squashed his beef with Meek Mill, but it looks like he’s had a fallout with Meek’s ex, Nicki Minaj. Fans noticed on Dec. 5 that the two longtime friends and collaborators no longer follow each other on Instagram. The pair never commented on any public beef, but it’s quite interesting that the unfollow comes after Drake has gotten quite close to his former nemesis, Meek. When Drake and Meek were feuding, Nicki and Meek were dating, so she was caught in the middle. Now, it looks like she’s on the outs as the bromance heats up.

The guys have gotten so close that Drake was even featured on a track from Meek’s latest album, Championships, which also featured a collaboration with another Nicki nemesis, Cardi B. Some fans have speculated that Nicki might be pissed at Drake for not only being close with Meek, but also being part of a project that features her enemy number one. Additionally, Drake worked with Travis Scott this year — another rapper who Nicki recently feuded with publicly. It all started back in August, when Travis’ album, Astroworld, beat Nicki’s Queen for the No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts.

Nicki and Travis had the same amount of traditional sales, but he was ahead of her in digital sales, which is why he took the top spot. Nicki took to social media to point out that Travis was selling his album digitally by offering it up with merchandise bundles…which were then being promoted on social media by his very popular girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. Fans didn’t even have to officially redeem their copy of the album for it to be counted towards sales. This is a tactic a lot of artists use these days, but it didn’t sit well with Nicki, who called Travis out for using his famous GF to boost sales.

Basically, Drake has aligned himself with several people who Nicki has beef with this year, and fans are convinced that this is why they may have had a falling out. Here’s to hoping this is ALL just speculation and we’ll get another Drake/Nicki collab before we know it!