Louis Tomlinson Seemingly Fires Back After Fans Claim Zayn’s New Song Is About Him

It seems like Louis Tomlinson is NOT here for Zayn Malik’s new song ‘Good Year’! Fans think one of Louis' recent tweets is his way of firing back at Zayn for the lyrics. Check it out here!

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Well, this has escalated pretty quickly. Zayn Malik just released his new song “Good Years,” and many fans are saying he referenced his alleged feud with Louis Tomlinson in the lyrics. And you know who did not enjoy this possible reference? Seemingly Louis Tomlinson. Taking to Twitter, Louis wrote, “Proper confused. What a hypocrite!” While we’re not sure if this is in direct response to “Good Years,” the timing is certainly suspect.

The lyrics in question are not too shady, but Zayn does say that he and his mystery friend are “just too dumb to change the story.” Zayn sings, “The voices screaming loud as hell / We don’t care ’bout no one else / Nothing in the world could bring us down / Now we’re so high among the stars without a worry / And neither one, one of us wants to say we’re sorry. ‘Cause now the whole damn world will know / That we’re too numb and just too dumb to change the story / Neither one, one of us wants to say we’re sorry.”

In response to these lyrics, one fan was certain that they were about Louis. They tweeted, “if this isn’t about zouis then idk.” Another fan also felt that the timing of Louis’ tweet is everything: “I WAS READING ZAYN’ GOOD YEARS LYRICS TRYNA SEE IF IT WAS ABOUT OT5 AND LOUIS TWEETS THAT … um i.” And then another fan shared this meme that seems to summarize their potential feud:

While the two have not been on good terms in the past (Zayn distanced himself from the rest of One Direction following their split), Louis and Zayn previously buried the hatchet back in 2017. “We got back in touch with each other and kind of cleared the air and talked everything through,” Louis said on Andy Cohen Live. “So we’re mates again, I suppose. Like anything like that, it takes time. But it was nice that we had an opportunity to clear the air and be adults about it.”

We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest news about Louis. In the meantime, check out all of the most recent photos of Louis in our gallery above.

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