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Gwen Stefani Loves How Close Blake Shelton Is To Her Kids But Still Wants Bond With Gavin Rossdale

Gwen Stefani is grateful that her three sons have been getting along great with Blake Shelton but she wants to make sure it doesn't take away from their close relationship with their father, Gavin Rossdale.

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Gwen Stefani, 49, found herself a winner with beau Blake Shelton, 42. The former No Doubt singer loves the way he gets along with her three sons, Kingston, 12, Zuma, 10, and Apollo, 4, but she also understands that their bond with dad Gavin Rossdale, 53, can’t be replaced. “Gwen loves how close the kids are with Blake but she also understands the bond they share with their dad and she really encourages it,” a source close to Gwen EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “Gavin is based a lot of the time in London but he does make time to be in L.A. so he can see the kids, he’s still a big part of their lives. It’s so important to Gwen that her kids continue to have a solid relationship with their dad so she’s very flexible when it comes to sharing time with Gavin, on holidays and all through the year too.”

Since the boys are the most important thing when it comes to Gwen, she’s made sure to maintain a healthy co-parent relationship with Gavin despite the fact that they’re no longer romantically involved. “The co-parenting agreement that Gavin and Gwen worked out was that they would alternate holidays, but it’s been much more loose than that and they actually try to make sure the kids spend time with both of them during the holiday season,” the source continued. “So far there haven’t been any big dramas or struggles over the kids and holidays and Gwen is very grateful for that, she’s happy with the way things are working out.”
Gwen may even have more to be happy about soon. The blonde beauty is reportedly turning to a surrogate to have another baby, the first with Blake. Although Blake doesn’t have any children of his own yet, the way he is with Gwen’s sons seems to prove he was born to be a dad. We can’t wait to see if they will add to the already adorable brood!