Halsey Reveals How She Got Her Body In Tip-Top Shape For VS Show & Raves Over Working With The Models

Halsey's abs were the star of the show at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and now, she's spilling the secrets about how she got them! Watch Halsey's new post-show interview here!

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Can we have a private meeting with Halsey‘s trainer? We’d kill for her toned abs, which she happily showed off on the  Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway! Halsey gave an interview on SiriusXM during which she detailed to the hosts how she managed to look DAMN amazing in a crop top and later, a sheer dress, while surrounded by some of the most beautiful women in the world. As it turns out, there’s no huge secret to success. “I definitely did a lot of sit-ups,” Halsey said during the November 9 interview. “I had a head start, though. I don’t know if you’ve seen my Halloween costume — I had to get ahead of the game.”

Oh, we’ve seen that Halloween costume. Halsey was Poison Ivy, aka the Batman villain, and was barely covered by green leaves and vines. It was definitely one of the best celeb costumes we saw this year, and that’s saying something! Heidi Klum was Fiona from Shrek, for god’s sake! Halsey also talked about the entire Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show experience, which she called one of the best nights of her life! She was so excited to be there, and admitted that it was “even better” than she dreamed it would be. Aww!

“I gotta be honest,” she said. “Going into it I thought I would be kind of nervous because I kind of expected a tense and competitive environment, you know? Opposite. All the girls are so compassionate, and so supportive of each other. Everyone’s having fun all day, they’re not all serious. Everyone’s laughing and joking around. They’re so happy to be there. You can just tell that they’re living their dream. And the energy is contagious.”

Halsey VS Fashion Show

For more pics of Halsey, and other performers who killed it on the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, scroll through the attached gallery above! And tune into the fashion show when it airs on December 2, at 10:00pm ET on ABC!