‘Empire’ Recap: A New Flash Forward Reveals A Very Bloody Lucious

Will the Lyons have to bury one of their own? That's the question after watching the final moments of the Oct. 17 episode of 'Empire.' Whose blood does Lucious have ALL over him?!

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Cookie and Lucious are anxiously awaiting for Andre to get out of prison. He’s finally free, and Lucious wants to keep it that way. Kingsley is at another prison visiting Diana DuBois again. She has his number after only a few meetings. She knows all about Lucious refusing his deal in a very public way. “You’re the Little Dipper to his Big Dipper,” Diana says. She is well aware that this about Kingsley’s ego. She’s willing to give him Lucious’s Achilles heel in return for some special moisturizer. Diana is one vain woman.

Cookie and Porsha are on the hunt for the next big thing. They find their guy in the back of an Instagram video. His name is Devon. Cookie and Porsha find Devon at a salvage yard. He sings for them, and Cookie is in love. She knows she can make him a star. However, she runs into trouble. Becky’s tried to get him over to Empire already! They start fighting over Devon. Cookie tells Devon to not sign anything until she shows him what she can do for him. Becky and Kingsley really treat Devon when he comes to Empire. Kingsley goes off about proprietary analytics. He tells Devon, “We can mold you into what every man wants to be and who every woman wants to sleep with.” Devon’s not so sure about being molded into someone he’s not. Giselle steps in to seal the deal.

Meanwhile, Jamal hasn’t heard from Kai in a few days. He’s trying not to stress, but he’s stressing, especially when Kai’s assignment editor says he hasn’t heard from Kai either. Jamal and Kai met two years ago when Kai saved Jamal from getting drugged in public. While they didn’t start off on the right foot initially, they soon fell in love. Kai kept himself at a distance. He didn’t want to get too close until he told Jamal that he was HIV positive. Jamal didn’t have a problem with his diagnosis.

Lucious is still desperate for money, and he’s going through his black book to get it. He has to start making runs on the streets and have some of his contacts pay off old debts. Andre wants to go with his dad, but Lucious doesn’t want to involve his son in dangerous business. He does take Andre along to meet with Sonny, who says he’ll get Lucious the money. Andre tries to interfere, and Lucious gets offended. Andre just doesn’t want Lucious to come off soft.

Lucious and Andre head to the next contact, who isn’t forthcoming at all. Things go downhill quickly. Andre shoots the guy and grabs $2,000. Lucious says Andre’s actions are reckless. He doesn’t want Andre to risk his life and lose who he is just because he went to jail. He wants to help Andre control his power.

Devon comes back to Cookie just like he promised. He has a sister he loves dearly. He wants to take care of her. Cookie wants to know where his music comes from. “My heart,” he says. “It comes from my soul.” Cookie goes to Devon’s place to have him sign his contract and meets his sister. Their parents died a few years ago. Devon’s working four jobs to help support his sister. Cookie calls Becky and tells her that she’s dropping out of the fight for Devon. She knows that he needs that signing money now. Becky promises she’ll take care of Devon. The next day, she tells Lucious about what she did. Shockingly, Devon shows up at the Lyon household. He turned Empire down. He wants to sign with Cookie and Lucious. Devon is one of the good ones! Lucious hands him $2000 for signing with Lyon Family Management.

Giselle wants to stay on at Empire as COO. She makes her demand to Kingsley, but he doesn’t think she’s over him getting the permanent CEO job over her. She threatens him with a #MeToo scandal if he doesn’t play by her rules. Later, she goes to Diana DuBois to get one step ahead of Kingsley and the Lyons. Diana is still determined to take down the Lyons. “They need to know how it feels to put one of your own into the ground,” she tells Giselle.

Tiana and Blake have been in the recording studio together making beautiful music. It’s clear that Blake has real feelings for Tiana. Step aside, Blake, because Hakeem is back! He plans a romantic night for his girl and makes it ALL about her.

Becky goes to see Jamal to check on him. Jamal admits he was going to ask Kai to marry him. Becky calls the rest of the family because she’s worried about Jamal. Jamal wants to go look for Kai, but his family stops him. Lucious confesses that police have found Kai’s wallet and cell phone on the side of the road. It doesn’t mean he’s dead, but it’s not a good sign. Jamal is absolutely devastated.

The show flashes forward five months later. Lucious is covered in blood. He looks confused. “What happened?” he asks. Did Lucious kill one of his own family members? Did Diana make sure the Lyons would have to bury one of their own?!

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