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Kim Kardashian Hoping To Bond With Beyonce After Jay-Z & Kanye West End Feud

Kim Kardashian would 'love' to be friends with Beyonce again! A source close to Kim told HL EXCLUSIVELY that she wants to arrange playdates between their kids!

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Kim Kardashian is ready to be friends with Beyonce again (wouldn’t we all) especially after Kanye West buried his feud with Jay-Z by sharing a picture of the Carters on Instagram (although he confused the shoes Beyonce was wearing for Yeezys, which they were not). A source close to Kim told us EXCLUSIVELY that she’s super glad Kanye and Jay-Z’s feud is over with.”Kim has been hoping that her relationship with Beyonce will have a chance to blossom now that Kanye and Jay-Z are on good terms again,” our source told us. “She would love to have a closer friendship with Beyonce, but she’s not going to push anything. Kim is proud, she’s waiting for Beyonce to make the first move.”

When it comes down . “She’s hopeful that it will happen especially now that Jay-Z and Kanye have ended their feud,” our source added. “She’d love to have playdates with their kids and girls nights, but she’s definitely waiting to let Beyonce make the first move.” We reported earlier how Kim was seen dancing along to Beyonce at the On The Run II tour performance at the Rose Bowl. Not only that, but she was also seen lip synching on her Instagram story to Jay and Bey’s hit “03 Bonnie & Clyde.”

However, the reconciliation between the two couples has been a long time coming. We reported earlier how Kanye and Jay-Z buried the hatchet a while back. “Kanye and Jay-Z made peace a while ago,” a source close to the two rappers told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “They had a one-on-one sit-down and they both apologized to each other for all the bad blood. Jay-Z was the one that arranged it, he just couldn’t stay angry with Kanye after it became clear how much he was suffering. Jay-Z wanted to make peace and Kanye wanted it just as much, so once they actually sat down and opened up to each other it happened very easily.”