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Bobby Brown Slammed By His Sister For Marrying Alicia Etheredge: ‘She’s Evil’

Leolah Brown is not happy about how her brother, Bobby's, relationship with wife, Alicia Etheredge, was portrayed in his biopic...and she's firing back at him for it. See her scathing diss here!

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The Bobby Brown Story, which aired on BET Sept. 4 and 5, gave fans quite an insight into the life of Bobby Brown, including his relationship with Alicia Etheredge. Bobby and Alicia married in 2012 and remain together to this day, so obviously, she was portrayed in a positive light in the biopic — which didn’t thrill the New Edition singer’s sister, Leolah Brown. Leolah clearly has a very different view of Alicia, and she took to social media to air her grievances after watching.

“Why did you let Alicia lie like that in that movie and say she welcomed your whole family into her life!!!???” Leolah wrote. “And this b**** without a little exaggeration hates for absolutely no reason every single person that carries your blood!!!???” Leolah went on to accuse Alicia of banning Bobby from giving his mother $17 for medication she needed. She concluded, “Hell no I’m not shutting up! You know this b**** turns her nose up at any and every damn body that damn knows you family first!! Bobby why are you all lying for her!??? She’s evil! You are sleeping with the devil!”

In subsequent posts, Leolah added that the Bobby biopic was the “fakest movie” she’d ever seen, and continued to insist that Alicia is not like the person who was portrayed in the footage. She also threatened to make her own movie the “rightful” way, and said she is worried Alicia is going to “completely destroy” her brother.

Still, Bobby and Alicia’s relationship is longstanding. They met when they were just teenagers, but shortly after, Bobby married Whitney Houston. After his divorce from Whitney in 2007, though, he reconnected with Alicia, and, as he put it, “sparks flew.” They have three children together.