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‘Are You The One’ Sneak Peek: Kayla’s Ex Throws A Drink In Cam’s Face During Wild Fight

Some cast members' exes arrive to stir things up on this week's 'Are You The One,' and Cam takes the brunt of it from Kayla's former love during a blowout fight. Watch the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek here!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of MTV

Now that everyone on season 7 of Are You The One has gotten to know each other, it only makes sense for MTV to stir things up with a twist, right?! The castmates are off to a “couples’ retreat” on the show’s Sept. 5 episode, but they’re in for quite a surprise when they get there — some of their exes are in town! Kayla is one of the unlucky ones who has an ex show up, and from the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek below, it definitely looks like he’s threatening to mess up her relationship with Cam.

“I see [my ex] out there talking like it’s a boys locker room,” Kayla says in a confessional, when she notices her ex chatting up some of the guys on the show. “I need to stand up. Like, you’re not allowed to treat me like this.” She confronts him and begs him to leave, and during their war of words, he calls her “disgusting.” What in the WORLD?!!? If Kayla put up with this behavior in the past, she makes it clear that she’s NOT about to any longer. Instead, she fires right back and storms off.

Unfortunately, her ex isn’t ready to let things go, and decides to approach Cam himself. When Kayla tries to remove herself and Cam from the situation, her ex even takes things so far as to throw a drink in Cam’s face! The clip ends with the ex looking like he’s about to attack Kayla’s new man, and we’ll have to see how it plays out when the episode airs.

Are You The One airs Wednesdays on MTV at 10:00 p.m. This season has already been FULL of drama, so there’s only sure to be PLENTY more where that came from now that the exes are involved!