‘The Royals’ Cancelled After 4 Seasons — Why It Deserves Another Season

I just gasped in my newsroom when I found out 'The Royals' has been cancelled after 4 seasons. The show was such a soapy gem that was incredibly underrated. 'The Royals' needs one more season to wrap things up.

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Alexandra Park
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The Royals has been cancelled. Life is terrible. “E! will not be moving forward with another season of The Royals, which launched in 2015 as the network’s first original scripted series,” an E! spokesperson told HollywoodLife. “Over four seasons, The Royals took viewers behind the palace gates on a scandalous journey filled with twists and turns.  We are grateful to the cast and our producing partners at Lionsgate and Universal Cable Productions.”

How are you going to leave me hanging like this after that finale? I can’t go about my days from now on knowing that in The Royals universe Robert and Willow are the King and Queen. The season 4 finale blazed a trail for season 5. In addition to that game-changing royal wedding, Kathryn is pregnant and has (likely) been kidnapped! I am simply inconsolable about this.

Most importantly, I have been denied a Jasper and Eleanor wedding. I am a hardcore #Jaspenor fan and have been since the very beginning, so this really hurts. After fighting so hard for their love, Eleanor and Jasper finally found solid footing in their relationship in season 4, despite Robert’s attempts to tear them apart. Alexandra Park told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that it was “absolutely” possible that Jaspenor could “end up getting married” in a potential season 5. Just imagine what Eleanor’s wedding dress would have looked like. Alexandra also said that she wanted to bring back Eleanor’s “edge” in future episodes, and I would have loved to see the show reignite Eleanor’s moxie.

As for Liam, he had it so rough last season. We all know that Liam was the man who should have been king. He transformed from a boy to a man over the course of the show and proved time and time again why he deserved the title. He was never power hungry, unlike Robert. Helena deserved to find a lasting love after Simon. She could be cutthroat, but she loved her family fiercely.

I’m just pissed that the show will never come to full conclusion. There were so many things left wide open, and we’ll likely never get answers. There is hope, though. The show’s leading producing studio, Lionsgate TV, has been in talks with Pop for a possible season 5, according to our sister site Deadline. Pop, don’t let us Loyals down.

If the show doesn’t live on elsewhere, we will have to remember all the amazing moments, jaw-dropping shockers, and epic outfits the show gave us. Thank you to Alexandra, William Moseley, Tom Austen, Elizabeth Hurley, Jake Maskall, and Max Brown for 4 incredible seasons. This TV royal family and the bodyguard, of course, will never be forgotten. Also, I will go to my grave thinking that King Simon is somehow still alive. Long live The Royals! Long live Jaspenor. Long live the true king — LIAM! Loyals, stay strong. I love you all.

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