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‘Are You The One’: New Cast Promises Wild Love Triangles — ‘People Went For What They Wanted’

We caught up with cast members from season 7 of 'Are You The One' ahead of the Aug. 15 premiere and got the EXCLUSIVE scoop on all the drama to come -- and much more!

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Are You The One is back with an all new cast of 22 young adults who are bad at love and looking to change how they are in relationships. Cast members Brett Ferri, Kwasi Opoku, Kenya Scott and Jasmine Rodriguez dished to HollywoodLife ALL about what’s to come this season, and of course, that will include LOTS of drama. Like season’s past, there will be plenty of love triangles in the Are You The One House, but things may play out differently than we’ve seen in the past.

“Previous seasons, couples always just stayed together. Ours is different in the fact that we were thinking about stepping on people’s toes…but we would go for it anyway,” Brett explained. “A lot of people just went for what they wanted, regardless, and that starts drama immediately.” Kenya added, “I think really quickly in the beginning the girls thought they were best friends, and it’s like…why are you thinking this? You just met, stop thinking we’re best friends. I personally feel you should come in here and do whatever the hell you want to do. You don’t owe anybody anything. They’re not your best friends yet.”

On Are You The One, the cast is tasked with figuring out which person in the house is their “perfect match” (the pairings were made by expert matchmakers). If they’re able to correctly guess all 11 perfect matches by the end of 10 weeks, they win $1 million. So, were these guys confident in the process before coming on the show? Here’s what they had to say:

Jasmine: I was completely invested in the entire show. I felt that this was the only way I was going to be able to find someone. I went in there to find love. I thought it was going to be easy and a piece of cake, but it was definitely harder than I expected. I made several different connections.

Kenya: I did not believe in it. I, personally, am such a picky person so I thought that there was no way there was going to be somebody for me that would I would really, really want to just invest in for that long period of time and not get bored of the person. I did not think so!

Kwasi: I needed help! I suck at love. I suck at liking someone. So when they said someone was going to sito down and find someone for me, I was like…okay, that’s the only thing for me!

Brett: I had my Tinder, my Bumble and dates all over the place, and nothing was working out past a night or two. I was hoping that they’d find me some love. I was very hopeful going on. Also, getting the money was a nice incentive…

So, was it about money…or love?

Kwasi: It was all about love. I didn’t care about the million dollars. [I was like], if we win that, it’s just going to go right to my mom. Everything was about love. I wanted to find someone and bring them back to mom.

Jasmine: I went in there completely like…I want a relationship. I’ve always been a relationship type of girl. The money was a bonus, but I went in there looking for someone to have a relationship outside the house with.

Kenya: I definitely went for love. I wouldn’t say I was there to fall in love, but definitely to work on myself with relationships — being with different people and different personalities and figuring out how I could change myself. The money was definitely a bonus, but for sure I was looking for somebody out there.

Are You The One returns at 10:00 p.m. on Aug. 15 on MTV with a TWO hour premiere!