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‘Are You The One?’ Recap: 2 Couples Are Going Strong & Shocking Hookups Are Revealed

The status of more 'AYTO' couples were revealed on part two of the finale. Plus,  you won't BELIEVE who some of the cast members are dating now!

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Part Two of the Are You The One? reunion started out by getting us caught up on fan-favorite couple Clinton and Uche. These two formed a connection right away, and continued their relationship in the house after they were confirmed to not be a match. Although Geles and Jada tried to swoop in, Clinton stayed loyal to Uche. “She’s absolutely amazing,” he said during the reunion. “After the show, she ended up moving to Florida, to Orlando, and I moved back to my hometown. It’s literally an hour away from one another. We’re just always, on the weekends, always with each other. Church. Sunday dinners, all that. She met the family.” They made if official at the reunion, too, when Clinton asked Uche to be his girlfriend. Aww!

The Anthony, Geles and Zoe love triangle was next on the docket. Anthony and Geles started out as a couple on the show, but he lost interest, and eventually hooked up with Zoe…who was Geles’ best friend in the house. At the reunion, Anthony admitted that he and Zoe hooked up again when the east coast cast members met up in New Jersey. Geles didn’t really hold it against Zoe, though, and rightfully put the blame on Anthony. Now, Anthony is dating Shannon from season five of Are You The One. Shannon confirmed that she had broken up with Tyler, who she dated after her season. “He just wasn’t loyal,” she said. “He’s a cheater. He’s a cheating piece of s***. That’s not talking bad, that’s facts.” It was actually Dmitri (from season six) who introduced Shannon and Anthony. In fact, he tried to pursue her first. “For whatever reason, it didn’t work out,” Dmitri said. “But she has a great man in front of her right now, so I’m happy for them.”

Things took an interesting turn after that, though, when it was revealed that Anthony stayed in his perfect match, Alexis’, room the night before the reunion. However, Alexis confirmed: “Nothing happened besides he showered and passed out. He was really drunk.” Shannon explained that she knew about everything that went down. When she thought the cameras weren’t on her, though, Alexis admitted, “We didn’t have sex, but he definitely was trying to f*** me.  That’s why I let him in.”

Taylor from season five showed up next. We saw her on the show earlier this season because she used to date Joe and came back to AYTO for the exes challenge. After her season, Taylor dated Andre, but explained that she broke up with him “because he cheated on me with anybody that he wanted to.” When Joe’s time on AYTO ended, he and Taylor started dating again, but it didn’t last. “We’ve both done things like break each other’s trust and what not,” he explained.”I don’t think either of us are ready for something as serious as that.” Taylor and Geles also hashed out their drama — they had a showdown when Taylor was in New Orleans for the challenge, but are all good now.

There were rapid-fire hookup revelations after that. Keyana admitted that she hooked up with Anthony during the cast meet-up in Jersey. Yes, the same trip where he hooked up with Zoe. Zoe also hooked up with Kareem that weekend. That brings us to Kareem and Alivia, who were together on and off during the show. What’s their status now, though? “We’re definitely together,” Alivia confirmed. She admitted she couldn’t be mad about the Kareem/Zoe post-show hook up because she was texting Keith behind Kareem’s back at the time anyway. “We never met up, [though],” she said. “It was just all talk.” Kareem admitted it was “f***ed up” that he cheated on Alivia, but clearly, they’ve moved past it.

More past players were brought into the mix, too, as it was revealed that Audrey hooked up with Hunter (season three) one night after the show. “We’re not talking,” she explained. “We just had all been out, got really drunk. He was a cool guy and it just happened. There’s nothing.” As for Nurys, she’s dating Nelson, from season 3 and The Challenge. “We’re trying to figure everything out,” she said. “We’re taking things slow. He’s an amazing guy, though. Literally everything I ever wanted.”

So, there you have it: Uche and Clinton and Kareem and Alivia are the couples that survived season six (so far)! Don’t forget that Keith is also dating AYTO alum, Carolina, which was revealed last week, and Alexis had a connection with Michael from season five. It’s a LOT to take in, guys!

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