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‘Are You The One’ Reunion Recap: Which Season 6 Couples Are Still Together?

During part one of the 'Are You The One' reunion, we got our first taste of which couples from season 6 are still together. Plus, which perfect match had a PREGNANCY SCARE this season? Here's a recap!

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Part One of the Are You The One reunion on Dec. 13 was all about dissecting this season’s biggest love triangles, so of course, it made sense that the show started out by breaking down the drama between Malcolm, Nurys and Diandra. Quick refresher: When Malcolm found out he and Nurys were a no-match, he wasted no time moving onto Diandra. So, where does he stand with the ladies now? “I’m cool with Nurys,” Malcolm admitted at the reunion. “I don’t think Diandra likes me a lot because me and her had a little somethin’ somethin’ after the show, and apparently it’s okay to let the guy who you were with before the show come to your house to show you his new puppy, so that’s hat happened.”

Diandra defended herself against Malcolm’s accusations, insisting her meet-up with an ex was “nothing,” but she had her own story to tell about him. “[Malcolm] came, he visited and the vibe was just off,” she explained. “Nurys came into town for the Mayweather fight and I was insecure because I knew they had a connection, and I said, ‘I feel like something’s going to happen and no one’s going to tell me.’ He was texting her. I know he was trying to get her back, and the fact that she wasn’t giving him that attention, he texted me [again].” In the end, Malcolm said he broke it off with Diandra because of the “distance.” But, backstage, Nurys totally threw him under the bus (and we are here for it) by reading texts Malcolm sent her, in which he professed his love to her and said that he wanted to break up with his current girlfriend for her. Don’t worry: Nurys completely ignored his plea!

After that, it was time to move onto Michael, Audrey, Geles and Keyana. At the beginning of the season, Michael hooked up with Keyana, but when he realized his feelings weren’t as strong as hers, he ended things. What we didn’t see on the show, though, was that Keyana had a pregnancy scare in the house! “I’ve been pregnant before,” she said in a never-before-seen clip. “I know the feeling and I know my body.” Keyana tried to keep the news from Michael, but he found out and confronted her. Luckily, it was a false alarm.

When Michael ended things with a distraught Keyana, he moved onto Audrey, and they dated until finding out they were a ‘No Match’ in the truth booth (Michael admitted to being “distraught” when this happened). He wasted no time hopping over to Geles, though, and hooked up with her in the SAME ROOM where Audrey was sleeping. “I f***ed up,” Geles said. “I lost a friend [Audrey] over a guy — no offense to you, Michael — who I don’t really talk to.” It’s safe to say Michael doesn’t have relationships with ANY of these women now, and he definitely regrets it. “I played the game very selfishly,” he explained.”I should’ve put all three of your feelings at a higher priority and I’m sorry for that.”

Finally, we got to catch up with this season’s most drama-filled, on-off couple, Keith and Alexis, who were found not to be a match in the truth booth. Despite ending season 6 on bad terms, they dated after the show, and even met each other’s families. However, according to Alexis, things went downhill when Keith went to L.A…..and hooked up with AYTO season 5 contestantCarolina! “I confronted him about it and he’s like…I still want to be with you. What? Then, I’m talking to his mom, because his mom loves me, and Carolina’s coming to his f***ing house for Halloween?! Yet he’s saying this stuff to me. I don’t know what the f*** he was doing.”

Now, Keith is dating Carolina, who he said was his “preseason crush,” and Alexis is dating another season 5 star, Michael. That was a LOT to take in from one episode, but there’s still plenty more to find out when part two airs on Dec. 20!

HollywoodLifers, are you shocked by which couples are still together!?