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‘Are You The One?’ Season 6 Cast Admit They’re Already Training For ‘The Challenge’

'Are You the One?' is just a vetting process for 'The Challenge,' right? HollywoodLife.com caught up with Jada, Kareem, and Audrey, three of the singles looking for love on this season, to find out everything to expect.

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'Are You The One?' Season 6
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This season of Are You the One? is changing things up; the group is heading to New Orleans with a new host, Terrence J. However, the end goal is still the same: find your perfect match and hopefully, take home a million dollar prize. Three cast members of this season, KareemAudrey and Jada recently stopped into our HollywoodLife.com studio to chat all things relationships — and yes, The Challenge.

“I really suck at relationships… My friends, my family, they all have relationships. I want to bring somebody to family dinners,” Jada explained when asked why she decided to come on the show. “I can’t bring my side dude. If I’m a side chick, I can’t bring him, because he has a girlfriend. I really want to find love. I’ve been watching since season one… I was like how hard can it be? But it is really hard.”

“I was tired of third wheeling. It sucks, you have nobody to come home and cuddle with, nobody to text with,” Kareem added. Audrey agreed, adding that she’s had multiple long-term relationships, and none have worked. “I can’t be single, I get lonely. I wanted that connection. At first, I thought it looked ridiculous — I was like, ‘There’s no shot this is real.’ Then I watched season four and five, and I was hooked,” she said.

Ultimately, though they all have a plan: get in shape for The Challenge. “That’s all we’ve been talking about,” Audrey said. Jada added that she doesn’t work out, but needs to start. “Currently we’re training for it right now,” Kareem said. “A couple of us guys are trainers, so we want to make sure our girls are ready. We’re all really good friends with one another.”

Are You the One? premieres tonight on MTV at 10PM ET.