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Johnny Depp Concerned About Aging: He’s Having A Mid-Life Crisis

Ahead of his 55th birthday, Johnny Depp more determined than ever to maintain his youth. He's even having a 'bit of a mid-life crisis' over the possible effects of aging, HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVELY learned.

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Johnny Depp has been indulging in quite the rockstar life while on tour with his band, Hollywood Vampires, and it’s left fans worried for his health. However, HollywoodLife has learned EXCLUSIVELY that there’s a reason he’s pushing so hard to keep up with the demanding lifestyle. “Johnny’s 55th birthday is this Saturday [June 9] and, like most of us, he doesn’t like getting older,” a source close to the actor tells us EXCLUSIVELY. “He is accustomed to being adored and has been named Sexiest Man Alive twice, so he likes doing the rockstar thing and living the life he’s always led because he doesn’t feel 55 or want to be 55.”

Our insider says this desire to live the life of an ultimate rockstar may have contributed to the skinny, gaunt look Johnny recently debuted, which has fans concerned about his health. “He wants to be forever young, so he is doing things that make him feel young,” our source adds. “So what we might be seeing is the start of a little bit of a mid-life crisis for him.” As we previously reported EXCLUSIVELY, Johnny is totally unbothered by all the talk surrounding his appearance, as it’s the exact look he’s going for as the frontman of his band.

Still, that hasn’t stopped those close to him from worrying about the effect this rock ‘n roll lifestyle will have on his health and well-being. “He’s partying hard,” another source previously told us. “When Johnny’s single, he doesn’t have anyone to reign him in, and he can get pretty wild when let to his own devices.”