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Kelly Ripa’s Ab Workout — 3 Things She Does You Can Copy For Her Insane Bikini Body

Kelly Ripa might have the best body in Hollywood, and she just flaunted her perfect abs on vacation! See her workouts of choice that you can do at home below!

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Kelly Ripa, 47, is in the best shape of her life after having three kids, because she really prioritizes fitness. She loves going to AKT classes with the founder, Anna Kaiser. She’s been going for almost 10 years! Anna just announced that she is opening up 100 AKT studios all over the country in the next three years! So you could be able to take an in-person class very soon! I’ve taken Anna’s class in NYC and LA, and it’s literally so hard. It’s a combination of strength moves like squats, lunges and pushups, as well as dancing for cardio, and flexibility moves for lengthening and strengthening. It’s a non-stop class that is brutal but so fun thanks to the amazing music and Anna’s ENDLESS energy!

Kelly is a fan of the “tease and tuck” and “tease and twist” move — here’s what to do, according to Us Weekly, “1. Start by laying flat on your back on an exercise mat with arms overhead and toes pointed. Tuck chin to chest and roll up into a near-sitting position one vertebrae at a time while pulling one knee to chest. While coming off the ground, extend arms out wide to either side. 2. Perform the same exercise while twisting toward the side of the knee that is raised. 3. Repeat twist with the other knee.”

Kelly also love SoulCycle classes in NYC, which is much more than riding a stationary bike. It’s a spiritual journey that works your arms, legs, and abs! Kelly posted some insane AcroYoga poses with friends on her Instagram, from when she was in the Bahamas in February. Yoga is something you can do for free, at home, to strengthen your core and sculpt your muscles like Kelly!

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