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‘The Challenge: Vendettas’: Kayleigh Slams Kailah & Co. For Bullying Her — ‘It’s Inexcusable’

After Kayleigh's blowup fight with Kailah and some of the other girls on 'The Challenge: Vendettas' aired, she took to Twitter to explain why she'll NEVER accept Kailah's apology.

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Kayleigh Morris decided to leave The Challenge: Vendettas during the March 6 episode after a massive altercation with Kaliah Casillas, Britni Nicol and Jemmye Carroll, and the ladies brought their beef to Twitter after the episode aired. Here’s a quick recap of what went down, in case you missed it! Devin Walker stirred up some drama by spreading a rumor that Kayleigh had hooked up with Johnny Bananas, who had been romantically linked to Natalie Negrotti all season. Kailah, Britni and Jemmye  wanted Kayleigh OUT of their room, which they also shared with Natalie, after hearing the story, so they decided to to take matters into their own hands and dump all of her things over a balcony and into the living room. YIKES!

Months after filming, Kayleigh is still incredibly livid and hurt over the situation. “[Kailah’s] actions (destroying my belongings) in which she is now trying to justify with my past on reality TV, is comical,” Kayleigh wrote on Twitter. “Obviously, neither of us knew each other’s past prior to filming, therefore, her actions based on my past is inexcusable. This is just a lame excuse that she and her gang are trying to use to justify by bringing up my past.” She concluded her message by noting that “any apology that may or may not be given to me is not accepted,” because Kailah and the other women had “months to apologize” and chose not to.

Kailah was NOT going to just let Kayleigh drag her name, though, and took to her own Twitter page to give an explanation of her own. “I threw the luggage, not for air time, but bc [Kayleigh] was deliberately spreading lies about me in the house,” she wrote. Later, she explained that those “lies” involved her alliances with Zach Nichols, Tony Raines and Nicole Zanatta. “This f***ing b**** is a LIAR,” she said, of Kayleigh. She also called Kayleigh “delusional” and accused her of trying to turn all the girls in the house against each other so she could save herself.

While Kailah seems to be standing behind her actions and feud with Kayleigh, Britni took to Twitter to admit that she made a huge mistake by messing with Kayleigh’s personal belongings. “If anyone tries to claim they’ve never done anything they are NOT proud of while drunk.. you’re a damn liar,” she wrote. “I do not agree w my actions one bit tonight. But I have already apologized deeply to the only person this actually affected. And that’s all that matters.” Meanwhile, Jemmye admitted that this was a “bad moment” for her, but insisted that she’s not a “bad person” because of it. She also pointed out other similar situations from past Challenge seasons that didn’t receive nearly as much backlash.