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‘The Challenge: Vendettas’ Recap: An Ally Turns On Bananas & Chaos Erupts In The House

A rumor sends shockwaves through 'The Challenge' house and Devin campaigns HARD to go up against Bananas in The Ring. Does he get his wish? Here's our recap!

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The March 6 episode of The Challenge: Vendettas begins with Devin trying to convince the Troika (Kailah, Tony and Zach) to send Johnny Bananas into the Ring against him. Kailah has no issue saying Bananas’ name, but she knows Tony and Zach will be hesitant. They ultimately agree on Nelson, Leroy and Bananas as their three nominees for the Inquisition. Zach assures Bananas he and Tony will choose Nelson to go in when it comes down to it, so Johnny has nothing to worry about. At the Inquisition, Bananas puts his focus on Tony, and threatens not to have his back during the rest of this challenge and in future challenges if he turns on him.

Devin is doing his own work on the side, though. He wants to split up the Bananas/Natalie romance/alliance and the Nelson/Kayleigh romance/alliance. He uses “psychological warfare,” feeding Nelson an unconfirmed rumor that Bananas and Kayleigh have secretly been hooking up. His hope is that both alliances will fall apart, leaving Bananas in his most vulnerable state and least likely to win an elimination. Kayleigh claims that there was a quick kiss between her and Bananas at the beginning of the game, but it meant nothing, while Bananas won’t confirm or the deny the rumor either way.

Still, Natalie is visibly upset, and other girls in the house take her side and start ganging up on Kayleigh during a night out. It culminates with a massive blowup back at the house, as Kailah, Britni and Jemmye get rid of all of Kayleigh’s things from their room…by throwing them over a balcony onto the floor below. Obviously, Kayleigh is LIVID, and Cara Maria stands up for her by calling out Kailah, Britni and Jemmye for bullying. Meanwhile, Natalie is upset with Johnny for not coming to her and having a conversation about the rumor.

Before getting to the elimination challenge, host TJ Lavin calls the girls out for bullying, and warns them not to keep it up. Then, it’s time to get to the vote. As expected, Zach votes for Nelson and Kailah votes for Bananas. Then, Tony completely shocks everyone by saying Bananas’ name. He explains that he learned how to play this game from Bananas himself, and he believes Bananas would’ve done the same thing in this situation. As Zach explained it best: Tony just became a legend. It’s safe to say that a new vendetta has formed between Bananas and Tony.

Meanwhile, Devin finally gets his wish of getting to go up against Johnny in the Ring. For the challenge, the guys have to memorize the position of lights on a massive board, and then re-light up the entire thing in the correct way. It’s neck-in-neck throughout the battle, but in the end, Devin wins, eliminating Bananas from the game. There’s a clear sense of relief amongst the rest of the house knowing that one of the toughest competitors in the game is going home.

Along with his win, Devin is given the option of the following three Grenades: Weighted Down (add weight to any player, aside from the Troika, at the next challenge), Tied Up (tie up any player’s feet, aside from the Troika, at the next challenge) or Team Up (create the teams at the next challenge). Before the episode ends, Kayleigh also decides to send herself home as a result of the bullying she received in the house.