Rose McGowan ‘Never Trusted’ Alyssa Milano: Their Feud Goes ‘Way Back’ To The ‘Charmed’ Days

After Rose McGowan called Alyssa Milano 'a lie' in a recent interview, we EXCLUSIVELY learned their feud started as far back as when they worked on 'Charmed' together.

Rose McGowan and Alyssa Milano
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For Rose McGowan, 44, and Alyssa Milano, 44, time does not heal all wounds. Rose recently made headlines for calling out Alyssa’s involvement with the Time’s Up movement, and we now know that’s not the former co-stars’ only issue. “The feud between Alyssa and Rose goes way back, it’s escalated now but there’s been tension between them since they did Charmed. Rose and Alyssa never bonded, they were just very different. Rose used to complain all the time about how Alyssa would shut her out, she never felt welcome. Part of the problem was that Rose went into the show with her guard up,” a source close to Rose tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“She was replacing Shannen Doherty and it was no secret that Shannen was leaving at least partly because of her feud with Alyssa. Rose went into the show knowing that, it was a weird way to start off. She always felt like Alyssa held that power over her, Rose has never trusted Alyssa,” the source continued. Although Rose and Alyssa have yet to call a truce, Alyssa managed to make things right with Shannen. In 2017, Alyssa admitted to having matured since Charmed and that her and Shannen are in a good place now. She even said the two had plans to get together, according to E! “I think we’re just at ages now that what happened 15 years ago, or however long ago that was it’s irrelevant. I think that what she has gone through, [and] motherhood in my life, I think it just changes people,” Alyssa said.

Maintaining that same mindset, Alyssa has only spoken positively about Rose despite their drama. After hearing Rose’s comments in her Nightline interview on Jan. 31, Alyssa released a statement explaining that no matter what, she will always support rose and that she admires her strength when it came to speaking out against Harvey Weinstein. This gives us hope that maybe one day, they too will put their differences aside.

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