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Kevin Moore: 5 Things To Know About August Ames’ Heartbroken Husband

August Ames' husband, Kevin Moore, is, understandably, grieving after her tragic death. Here's everything to know about the director.

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1. Kevin Moore is completely heartbroken by his wife’s death. On Dec. 5, adult film star, August Ames, 23, tragically killed herself, leaving behind her husband, Kevin Moore, 43. Obviously, Kevin is grieving privately at this time, but he released a brief statement to Adult Video News about the gorgeous porn star. “She was the kindest person I ever knew and she meant the world to me,” Kevin said. “Please leave this as a private family matter in this difficult time.”

2. August and Kevin were very private about their relationship. Part of August’s persona as an adult film star means she has to maintain a certain image, which likely doesn’t ideally involve a husband. So, for the most part, August did not publicly post about her relationship with the director. About two years ago, though, she shared a PDA pic of the pair, in which she referred to him as her “sexy husband.” The two also appeared on the red carpet together two years in a row, 2015 and 2016, at the Adult Video News Awards.

3. What does Kevin do? Like August, Kevin is involved in the adult film industry. Kevin started out as a freelance photographer and camera operator, and eventually became a full-time director and producer for Evil Angel in 2000. He has also starred in porn films himself, although said in 2014 that he planned on scaling back on being featured in films at that time.

4. How did he get involved in the adult film industry? Kevin said in 2014 that he first became intrigued with this industry by working in an “adult shop” when he was 18 years old. Then, while studying at UMASS, he started working with computers and film, and began posting amateur movies right out of his dorm room. He continued this amateur career even after he got a full-time job at the college. However, when he voluntary quit his job to avoid being laid off, he moved to L.A. and began working in porn full-time.

5. How did his wife die? The Ventura Country Medical Examiner confirmed to HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that August died from “asphyxia due to hanging” in a “suicide.” This shocking tragedy came just says after she was slammed for being ‘homophobic’ on Twitter because she complained about filming a scene with someone who had done gay porn in the past.

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