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Jake Paul’s Ex Alissa Violet’s ‘Never Been Happier’ After He Claims She Slept With His Brother

The YouTube world seems like a soap opera lately! After Jake Paul admitted to the world that his ex, Alissa Violet apparently slept with his brother, we've learned that she's not losing sleep over any of the drama! Here's how she feels...

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Despite Jake Paul, 20, putting his ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet, 21, on blast, she seems to be the one who is hashtag, winning, right about now. As you may know, fans caught screenshots of a now deleted tweet he sent out on Nov. 12, that claimed he and Alissa split because she slept with his brother, Logan Paul, 22. Jake stirred up that drama at the same time he was in a back and forth battle with his former Team 10 members, The Martinez BrothersIvan and Emilio. The brothers claimed Jake bullied them, and as a result, they parted ways with him. Jake has since issued a public apology to the brothers. Now, HollywoodLife.com has EXCLUSIVELY learned that Alissa, who lived with Jake when they were dating, can relate to the brothers’ struggles inside the home [Team 10] they all shared. But, she’s much happier now that she’s away from Jake.

“Hearing the Martinez twins describe how they were afraid to go to sleep when they slept at the Team 10 house brings back a lot of awful memories for Alissa,” a source close to her tells us. “She spent so much of her time there and understands the environment. Now that she’s finally out and has some distance, she can really see how bad it really was. Although she’s not friends with The Martinez Brothers, Alissa still feels for them.”

Ultimately, “this whole situation just reminds her how happy she is that she escaped Jake when she did,” the source reveals. And, about those pesky accusations of cheating with his brother? — “If he wants to tell the world that she slept with his brother so be it, she’s not losing sleep over it,” the insider proclaims. “She’s so in love with her new boyfriend [You tube star FaZe Banks], that Jake can’t do anything to ruin that.”

As you may know, HollywoodLife.com also reported that Jake refuses to forgive Alissa for cheating on him; yet, he’s made mends with his brother. “They’ve since made up and agreed to put the incident behind them, but Jake most definitely hasn’t forgiven Alissa,” a separate source told us. Here’s the deal: “Jake and Logan are brothers, and no matter how much they fight, they always end up making up, but Alissa was supposed to be Jake’s girlfriend — she overstepped the mark, she cheated on him with his brother, and he can never forgive her for that.”

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