Erin Andrews: Her Top Flat-Abs Exercises & How To Lose Weight By Walking

Erin Andrews looks happy and healthy, flaunting her amazing figure in a bikini on the cover of 'Health' magazine's July/August cover. Find out her best workout tips for flat arms and toned legs below!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Health Magazine / James White

Erin Andrews is a fighter. She’s survived cervical cancer and endured IVF treatments. She works as a host on Dancing With The Stars and as a sports reporter — she does it all! She also makes it a priority to take care of herself. She eats clean, and told Health: “I feel better. It’s crazy — back in the day, I would crush Chicken McNuggets and french fries, and that would be my meal. But I handled weight a little differently then: I didn’t have the muscle tone. Now I’m addicted to working out; it just makes me feel better. And my man can always tell when I’ve done a workout, because I’m like, “Good mooorning!” I try to say to people who hate working out, “It sucks going. I’m always in a crappy mood when I go. But when I walk out, I’m like Céline Dion: My heart will go on!”

Erin says she loves OrangeTheory workouts, but tries to fit in her own version of the workout if she isn’t near a studio. “I try to emulate the program with intervals on a treadmill. I’m a walker, not a runner, so I just do, like, 4.0 incline and 4.0 speed, and I’m on it for a minute. Then, for the next 30 minutes, I do 6.0 incline, 4.3 speed. Then for a minute, I go 8, and you go back and forth with your intervals. And then I try to do weights so I feel like I’m getting a full-body workout.” She also works out for her mental health. After her cancer, she said: “one of the oncologists said to me when I was going back to work, ‘It’s really important for you to get some sleep and not stress out.’ And I’m like, ‘Uhh…I’m in Green Bay on Sunday and on the ballroom floor Monday — stress and not sleeping is kind of the way of life.’ But I’m really trying to be better about taking deep breaths. I’m trying meditation.”

As far as her beauty tip, it’s something we should all be doing! “Sunscreen. I grew up in Florida, and I absolutely fried my skin — I was the chick who was lying out on the driveway. Now I know I’m pale, but I don’t wanna look like I’m 75 years old next year! So I always make sure that I’m putting on SPF 45 every day. And by the way, melanoma is a big deal in my family — my grandfather died from it.”

HollywoodLifers, will you try Erin Andrews’ workout of walking?

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