Tom Hardy Humiliates Harry Styles In Front Of Cast — Why They Went From Friends To Foes

Is Tom Hardy starting to make Harry Styles' acting gig miserable? Just when it seemed that the two were total buddies on the set of 'Dunkirk,' suddenly Harry has become the butt of Tom's jokes. Get the details right here!

Tom Hardy Harry Styles Feud
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“They were like BFFs at the start, with Tom promising to show Harry the ropes,” an insider told OK! magazine. “Harry bragged to a ton of people about how well they got along. Now Tom only talks to him to criticize his work, and it’s really wounded Harry’s pride.”

Poor Harry, that’s not what he signed up for! The cast reportedly poked fun at the 22-year-old One Direction heartthrob after he chopped his luscious locks off for the role, but it seems Tom, 38, has taken things to the next level and it’s turning things sour on set. We can only hope this tension doesn’t hurt Harry’s future as an actor!

The source didn’t elaborate on whether any of Harry’s other castmates are joining in the “Hate On Harry” brigade of Tom’s, but surely Harry is bumming that Tom is being so hard on him. Plus, another insider just told EXCLUSIVELY that Tom was taking Harry under his wing, giving him advice and looking after him — so if Tom has started being mean, Harry is likely pretty confused by the sudden switch!

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Fortunately for Harry, Dunkirk director Christopher Nolan still has his back. Harry has been impressing Christopher since he set foot on set, even earning more screen time because of his hard work (perhaps that’s what caused the change in Tom’s behavior?). As Tom has gotten more ruthless, Christopher has supposedly been urging Harry to ignore Tom’s comments, reassuring Harry that he’s super talented!

Even with Christopher’s nice efforts, though, the source said it’s painfully “obvious” that Tom makes Harry uncomfortable whenever they’re around each other. “He’ll get over it, but he’s really hurt.” Let’s hope things turn around soon!

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Tom’s behavior toward Harry? Do you think this feud will last for the rest of filming? Tell us below!

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