Harry Styles Gets More Screen Time In ‘Dunkirk’ After Wowing Director Christopher Nolan

Yay! It looks like the new film 'Dunkirk' will include a lot more Harry Styles than we were expecting! A source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY on July 15 that director Christopher Nolan was blown away by the singer-turned-actor and gave him more screen time. Here's the scoop!

Harry Styles fans are going to totally freak out over this! The former Directioner was only going to have a little part in the upcoming war movie, but now we’re going to get even more Harry goodness in the film! “After impressing Christopher (Nolan) with his acting skills, Harry’s role has been expanded in Dunkirk,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

Harry Styles: See More Pics Of The Dreamy Singer-Turned-Movie Star

“Initially, he was only supposed to be a peripheral character, however with all the hard work he’s put in on set, Harry’s getting much more screen time than was initially planned and more dialogue to say,” the insider explained. Plus, Harry is understandably thrilled with all of the positive changes! “He’s absolutely delighted that his hard work has paid off, and he hopes that Dunkirk will put his acting talents on the map.”

Another source confirmed the exciting news, explaining that Harry has really proven his ability to act and learn. “Director Chris Nolan has been so impressed with how well Harry, the rookie actor, takes direction that he has increased his role significantly and will likely continue to work with him on future films too,” the source explained. “Expect to see a lot more from Harry on the big screen.” We can’t wait!

Harry has been a busy bee singe One Direction went on hiatus. On top of getting his first major film role, he also signed a massive solo record deal with Columbia Records. Under the contract, he will make a whopping three solo albums, for a total of $80 million! Phew! Keep up the good work, Harry!
HollywoodLifers, are you excited that Chris Nolan has increased Harry’s role in the new film Dunkirk

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