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Big Sean Dissing Ariana Grande On ‘Cruel Winter’ Track With Kanye West? – Listen

Did Big Sean just get ice cold against Ariana Grande during his verse on Kanye West’s new 'Cruel Winter' track? Sean rapped how he's 'subtracted the negative energy' of his life, possibly dissing his ex! Click to listen. Is all fair in love and hip-hop? Big Sean, 28, was one of the many rappers making an appearance on Kanye West’s, 38, new single from the long awaited G.O.O.D. Music compilation. When the mic got passed to Sean, did he take his turn to trash his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande, 22?

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Big Sean Disses Ariana Grande
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“Lately it’s all about Zen and me,” Big Sean rapped on the untitled jam from Yeezy’s upcoming Cruel Winter compilation, according to Genius. “Subtractin’ the negative energy / With the family, turn you’re a** into a memory / I’m with the team of the century.” Big Sean’s verse was pretty impressive, especially since the song boasts appearances from Gucci Mane, 36, Travis Scott, 24, 2 Chainz, 38, and Yeezy himself.

Big Sean’s lyrics might have been his way of returning the shade thrown at him by his ex. Ariana, who hooked up with Ricky Alvarez, 24, after she and Sean split, said that she now has “a healthy life.” She didn’t drop Sean’s name during her interview — like how Sean didn’t say whose “a**” would get turned into a memory – so this might be a coincidence?

Maybe? Sean threw a little shade of his own at Ariana when he regrammed a picture of Justin Bieber, 22, and him shaking hands. Justin and Ariana had their own IG drama, with him complementing her looks and her responding by saying “Not today Satan!!!” However, Biebs did complement her new song so maybe their feud is over?

Sean has shown that like Ariana, he a “healthy” life too, thanks to Jhene Aiko. The 28-year-old singer posed while sitting in Big Sean’s lap while backstage of The Late Late Show on May 27, before performing their single, “On The Way.” Jhene may be married to Dot Da Genius, 29, but she sure looked comfy using Sean’s as a chair.

Will Cruel Winter kick off the Summer of Shade? Ariana might have to reconsider her decision to not write a breakup song about Big Sean. “I had kind of moved on,” she said after the breakup. “Everything is nice and great right now…why would I write about some bullsh*t?” Well, Sean may have given her a reason.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Was Big Sean dissing Ariana with his verse on Kanye West’s Cruel Winter track?