Gwen Stefani Reveals The Secret To Her Ageless Look During Carpool Karaoke — Watch

Ah, so that's how she does it! James Corden couldn't help but comment on how Gwen Stefani seems to be aging backwards, so she spilled some details about her so-called 'beauty regimen.' Click inside to WATCH! Gwen Stefani, 46, has always been gorgeous, but there's something going on that has left her absolutely glowing even as she approaches the 50-year mark. In a short interview with James Corden, 37, the "Make Me Like You" singer shared the secret to her stunning looks.

If you’ve been wondering why Gwen Stefani always looks so incredible, the answers have finally arrived. James Corden teased that his wife is super jealous of Gwen because she really does appear to be aging backwards, which led Gwen to revealing what keeps her flawless skin looking so good all the time.

“What happened was, my life blew up. After that, I kind of started falling in love,” Gwen explained. “Then I wrote a whole record about that. That’s what the face lift is, I think!”

Of course Gwen is referring to her romance with Blake Shelton, 39, whom she met while they appeared as judges together on The Voice. Since then they’ve been inseparable, and it’s no secret that most of Gwen’s latest album, This Is What The Truth Feels Like, is about him.

“I’m writing music that’s about happiness and truth,” Gwen gushed. So, there you have it — the secret to youth is falling in love and writing lots of songs about it!

Make sure to watch the FULL carpool karaoke video above, because Gwen and James have some seriously cool guests join them for a singalong. (Spoiler alert: It’s George Clooney and his real-life BFF, Julia Roberts.)

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