Michael J. Fox & Christopher Lloyd Go ‘Back To The Future’ In Full Toyota Commercial

The future is now! On Back To The Future Day, Toyota finally released the full commercial featuring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd! Before Doc and Marty could say 'Great Scott,' a scientist showed them how Toyota's turning trash into fuel, just like in the movie! Click to watch! No, Huey Lewis, it’s not the "Power of Love." It’s the power of science fueling that car! The new Toyota may not fly, but something about it is very much like the Delorean of Back To The Future II. There was only one way to properly unveil this new discovery: with help from Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox, 54) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd, 75)!

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After revealing a preview of the epic reunion between Michael and Christopher, Toyota finally revealed the full video on Oct. 21, 2015 — the same day Doc and Marty travel from 1985 to 2015! BTTF superfan and scientist Mischa Pollack joined our two heroes to unveil Totoya’s hydrogen fuel cell technology, reports Vulture. The company is turning trash into fuel, much like the Mr. Fusion did in the movies!

In order to power the new car, Mischa travels throughout Hill Valley, collecting trash and more Back To The Future references than even Biff Tannen could count (but seriously, where was Biff?) The clock tower was there. All we needed was a commercial for Jaws 19 or possibly an appearance from the (maybe) World Series-winning Chicago Cubs.

Doc and Marty seemed impressed by the new car and asked for a test drive! When Mischa offered to take the car “up to 88,” Michael and Christopher politely declined. Even in 2015, they still need to practice safe driving. Christopher still managed to give one “Great Scott!” before the end. He also delivered one when he dressed up as Doc Brown in his special BTTF message.

That was amazing, but young fans of Back To The Future may not freak out over the Toyota Mirai the same way they did when they realized that the events in the second movie are about to take place in the past! Since the future is literally now, we all have to wonder: where are the hoverboards?

‘Back To The Future’: Nike & Pepsi Tease Release Of Epic Products On BTTF Day

Fans may not have flying cars or hoverboards, but they may have self-tying power laces soon! Nike tweeted on Oct. 20 that they would see Michael J. Fox on Back To The Future day, leading fans to think the shoes might finally become a reality! On top of that, Pepsi even said they were releasing a BTTF special edition bottle in honor of the movie!

Happy Back To The Future Day, HollywoodLifers! Leave your favorite quotes from the movie below. What did you think of the full commercial?

— Jason Brow