Chris Brown: Why He Wishes Rihanna Would Have Been Royalty’s Mother

It's no secret Chris Brown's had bad luck with women. But when it comes to Royalty and his ex Rihanna, they hold a special place in his heart. And now, has EXCLUSIVELY learned he wishes RiRi was his baby's mother! Chris Brown, 26, has admitted he's made mistakes in his young life. Despite those mistakes, the "Post To Be" rapper has matured into a fine young man and that's large in part due to the birth of his 1-year-old daughter Royalty. Problem is, he only wishes Rihanna, 27, were her mother, is EXCLUSIVELY reporting. To hear more about Chris Brown and Rihanna, head over to iTunes and download the latest HollywoodLife podcast for free!

After Rihanna gave an explosive interview to Vanity Fair, telling the publication she’s “very protective” and will “care about [Chris] until the day I die,” Breezy realized she could have been the one to settle down with and start a family. “He would have loved for Rihanna to have given birth to Royalty,” a source close to the artist told “Everything about Ri says love. She’s perfect and is going to be one spectacular wife and mother one day.” So sweet!

Who knows if Chris and Rihanna will ever rekindle that magic fire they once shared. Only time will tell. But there is one person who’s rooting for them to get back together, and that’s Drake, 28. As previously reported, the “Know Yourself” rapper wishes Ri and Breezy would know themselves and understand that they’re meant to be together! “Drake thinks [Chris] and Rihanna are perfect for one another,” another source EXCLUSIVELY revealed to “They’ve got that special connection between them and they’ll never stop loving one another,” the source continued. “Drake thinks they both need to stop playing and get back in the game together.”

What say you, HollywoodLifers? Do you want to see Chris and Rihanna back together? Tell us what you think.

— Eric Ray

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