‘Teen Wolf’: Could Theo Be A Good Guy After All?

On season 5 of 'Teen Wolf,' all eyes seem to be on Theo and his dirty work for The Dread Doctors. But did he just prove to be a good guy in disguise? Let's investigate! Theo, played by the incredible Cody Christian, appears to be a deceitful frenemy to Scott and his pack on the 5th season of Teen Wolf, but is that the truth? The seemingly villainous Theo has a long list of pros and cons that leave myself and many other viewers questioning his motives week after week, so let's examine the evidence together and see if we can figure this hottie out!

Teen Wolf Theo Good Bad Guy
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On the July 27 episode of Teen Wolf, Theo steps up to the plate and totally saves Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) from being killed by a Chimara on the hospital’s roof. Even though he’s trying to gain everyone’s trust so that Scott (Tyler Posey) will welcome him into the pack, once he killed the Chimara he practically begged Stiles not to tell anyone what he had done. But why? If his intentions were to save Stiles, wouldn’t he want everyone to know what he did?

Here’s my theory: Theo’s not the bad guy he’s being cracked up to be. I think he’s a Chimara, and I think somewhere deep down inside of him, he knows that he’s good. And, I think that he wants to join Scott’s pack because that’s how Scott can save him. I obviously can’t explain the supernatural aspects of it all, but that’s just my theory and I’m sticking to it. Plus, there’s a bonus to it all: if Scott can save Theo, he can stick around for more seasons! Yay!

But okay, I obviously can’t deny that he has some major, major flaws. Because of that, I decide to make a pros and cons list. Ready? Let’s do this!

Theo Could Be A Good Guy — PROS:

— Like I already said, he saved Stiles

— He’s keeping Stiles’ secret about killing Donovan

— He’s also keeping Malia’s secret about the desert wolf

— Theo would be a MAJOR asset to the pack if he joined permanently

— Let’s not forget he saved Scott in Season 5’s first episode

— He probably knows how to defeat The Dread Doctors

— He also isn’t affected by The Dread Doctors or the flashbacks

— He saved Malia from getting hit by a car

Theo Could Also Definitely Be A Bad Guy — CONS:

— He’s probably a Chimara

— He’s definitely trying to hook up with/possibly steal Malia

— He’s using Stiles’ secret as blackmail to keep his own secret

— He’s working with (or for) The Dread Doctors

— He’s not affected by The Dread Doctors of the flashbacks (yup, this qualifies as both)

— He’s lying about whatever is going on with his “parents”

— He’s also training Chimaras to go after what the pack loves

Some Things To Consider About Theo

On the July 27 episode, there was no reason why Theo couldn’t have been with The Dread Doctors instead of saving Stiles. In fact, if you think about it, he’s never been in the same room as The Dread Doctors when the pack is around. Maybe he doesn’t want to blow his cover, but maybe it’s because he wants out. Also, it was super creepy that he snuck into Kira’s room and recorded her talking in her sleep, but is he lying about her being the “messenger of death”? It doesn’t make sense, even if she has been acting strange lately — which I think is because of how The Dread Doctors seem to affect electricity.

And last but not least, if the pack saves Theo and he ends up with Malia, could that be the final push Stiles and Lydia need to FINALLY be together? Because if the first five episodes of season five have taught us anything, it’s that Stydia is most definitely endgame.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers — Is Theo a good guy or a bad guy? Do you think Scott and the pack can save him? Comment below OR tweet me with your theories!

— Lauren Cox


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