‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Stiles’ Life Is Put In Grave Danger

Okay, 'Teen Wolf' season 5 is officially going there. The July 13 episode featured Stiles and Lydia sharing one epic moment and the Dread Doctors causing more terrifying trouble for our fave characters. Teen Wolf isn't messing around this season. The Dread Doctors continued to wreak havoc in the midst of all the other Beacon Hills drama on the July 13 episode. Theo (Cody Christian) also showed off his dark side again, Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) and Lydia (Holland Roden) had a moment that made time stand still and we possibly learned the true supernatural identity of Deputy Parrish (Ryan Kelley). Oh, did we mention that Parrish got naked? Yep, that happened.

Parrish and Lydia kicked off the episode by flirting up a storm. Seriously, these two were exchanging some serious glances. Since Lydia is one of us and is desperate to find out what Parrish is, she took some time to investigate. She lit a flame underneath his hand, but he quickly felt the effects. They tried it again, and Parrish just stood there, letting the flame burn beneath his hand. It didn’t burn him at all.

Lydia asked him what he was thinking about during that moment. He dreamt of walking in the woods — completely naked — carrying a body that was completely burned. (PARRISH = BUTT NAKED.) He couldn’t see who the person was, but he did remember taking her to a clearing, more specifically, the Nemeton. Yep, Lydia knew that spot. Parrish said he put the body down on the rings of the trees and couldn’t remember anything else. 

But Parrish was lying. There were dozens of other dead bodies lying around the Nemeton. That’s when Parrish went up in flames. Wait, so he’s a phoenix, right? RIGHT?! Since Lydia was gravely injured in the last episode, this whole convo must have been a flashback.

Stydia Is Love, Stydia Is Life

Stiles and Scott finally made it to the police station. When Stiles saw Lydia, the world stood still. His face killed Stydia lovers everywhere. That’s how epic it was. Theo quickly came to Lydia’s rescue. Stiles stood by completely shocked. Scott kept calling him, but it was clear Stiles didn’t want to leave Lydia — at all. Sorry, Malia/Stiles lovers. Stydia is real.

Scott and Stiles went down into the basement to find Malia and dead Tracy. Malia revealed her first encounter with the Dread Doctors. Boy, they are just getting started. Lydia was taken to the hospital, and Mama McCall said Theo saved Lydia’s life. That side-eye Stiles gave Theo? Yeah, he wanted to be the guy to save Lydia.

When Lydia got put under for surgery, she saw the Dread Doctors. Gulp. They were having a busy night. They also chose Donovan as their next victim. Great, now we have another mass murderer with killer teeth on the loose.

Theo Is A Bad, Bad Boy

But first, let’s talk about Tracy. Deaton couldn’t figure out what the hell she was. She had the claws of a werewolf and the scales of a kanima and she could walk across mountain ash. Deaton, Scott and Kira came to the conclusion that Tracy wasn’t supernatural. If she wasn’t born or bitten, then she had to have been made. You guys, the rules have changed, and everyone’s going to have to protect each other.

Parrish was waiting for Lydia when she woke up after her surgery, much to the dismay of the Stydia fandom. He offered to help teach her some moves to protect herself. (I see where this is going…)

Donovan ended up at the Dread Doctors’ lair, but someone else was there with him — THEO! The hot new boy turned out be 50 shades of cray, and I’m devastated. He told Donovan the best way to go after Stilinski. “Real pain is emotional pain,” Theo said. ‘If you want to cause devastating, soul-crushing pain, go after someone he loves.”


(Sidenote: I am obsessed with Theo. I think he’s a great addition to season five. I can tell he’s going to be a great villain, but I can’t help but hope that he’s not entirely evil. I just get this feeling that he’s going to be redeemable in the end. Maybe this just the Cody Christian fan in me talking. I hope I’m right.)


Over yonder with the youngsters, Liam and Mason headed out for a night out at the club. The Selena Gomez look-alike greeted them when they got there. She was not pleased to see Liam. When the boys walked in, they saw Brett dancing it up with a guy.

Scott and Kira were at the hospital, where they witnessed this kid named Cory screaming for his life. Scott tried to take Cory’s pain away, but he had to stop himself. The nasty wound on Cory’s arm didn’t heal. According to Mama McCall, the wound was caused by scorpion. In the midst of his pain, Cory could only mutter, “It was Lucas.” Oh, great.

Lucas — now dubbed a chimera — was at the club with Liam and Mason. He was some type of half scorpion, half werewolf. WTF. Scott and Kira were ready though. Before they went in for a fight, Scott said “I love you” to Kira for the very first time. Not as romantic as she would have liked, I’m sure. But it was still adorable!

Liam was busy fighting Lucas when they walked in. Kira went full-on flame again and nearly killed Lucas, but Scott stopped her. The Dread Doctors soon showed up to finish the job. These guys were everywhere in this episode. Later, Mama McCall gave Scott a necessary pep talk after a long day. He vowed to find out who was causing all of this mayhem and put a stop to it.

After they left the morgue, Parrish showed up and carried Lucas to the Nemeton. Then he got his flame on. During all of this, Malia was investigating Tracy’s room and found a book titled The Dread Doctors. What does it mean?! The gang better find out what the Dread Doctors are up to because their lives are at stake. The final moments of the episode featured Stiles getting attacked by Donovan. Get your hand off my man, Donovan. And don’t you dare hurt the Jeep!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s Teen Wolf? Let me know!

— Avery Thompson

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