‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Stiles Fights For His Life & Kills [SPOILER]

Season five of 'Teen Wolf' is getting seriously intense. Stiles, Lydia and the rest of the gang learned more about the terrifying Dread Doctors on the July 20 episode. Plus, Stiles was forced to put an end to someone's life. Scott (Tyler Posey) and the crew have their hands full this season. On the July 20 episode of Teen Wolf, Vallack (Steven Brand) revealed a lot of new information about the Dread Doctors, Theo (Cody Christian) and Malia (Shelley Hennig) got closer, Scott noticed a change in Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) and Lydia's (Holland Roden) relationship and Stiles had to fend for himself in a crazy fight in order to stay alive!

Well, Donovan wasn’t a bite-and-run kind of guy. Stiles put up one heck of a fight as Donovan tried to get his gross mouth-hand on Stiles’ face. Thinking quickly, Stiles stunned Donovan and hit him with a wrench, blood spurting everywhere. Stiles ran toward the school and noticed Donovan getting up. Ruh roh.

Donovan’s mouth-hand turned into a mouth-neck. Did I get that right? Jesus. Stiles ran into the library, and Donovan finally revealed the reason why he hated Sheriff Stilinski. Apparently, Stilinski and Donovan’s dad were once partners. They got caught in a shootout, and Donovan’s dad got shot, which paralyzed him. He called Sheriff Stilinski a “b–ch” and Stiles a “b–ch son.” Oh, hell no. 

Donovan pulled Stiles through a bookshelf, and it seemed for a hot minute that Stiles was going to lose this battle. Never underestimate the boy wonder. Stiles pulled down a set of bars/rails, impaling and killing Donovan. You will not be missed, bro. Stiles tried to leave, but Donovan still had his phone in his pocket. Stiles waited until the police showed up, and you could see the fear in his eyes. The police found nothing, and when Stiles went back inside, he found no trace of Donovan. It was like he’d imagined it. Except there was one drop of blood nearby.

At this point, Stiles was freaking out. This was really superb work by Dylan O’Brien here. It was all in his expression — fear and worry taking over completely. No words were needed to describe how he was feeling. Thankfully, Scott called before Stiles had another panic attack. Someone had taken Lucas and Tracy’s bodies — it was Parrish! (But the guys didn’t know that.)

The Return Of The Deadly Trio

The gang was trying to read The Dread Doctors for any semblance of answers to their questions. When Scott went to Theo, the shady (but sexy) new boy said he didn’t know anything. When the crew realized that the book was dedicated to Gabriel Vallack, they all set their sights on Eichen House. This was all a part of the plan for the Dread Doctors and Theo.

As much as Lydia protested, Stiles was determined to go to Eichen House. Lydia and Stiles were both adorably worried about each other. Lydia wanted to keep Stiles from the danger; Stiles wanted to protect Lydia from it. When they met up with Scott and Kira, Scott admitted to Stiles that he was worried about Kira after she nearly killed Lucas. Being in the same boat, Stiles defended her, thus defending himself.

Lydia and Stiles had to visit Vallack alone because of the mountain ash. Stiles put his hand on Lydia’s back as they walked to Vallack’s room. (Brb, SCREAMING.) They brought The Dread Doctors to Vallack. Only one copy had ever been printed. Turns out, Vallack actually wrote the book. The book was a tool designed to open everyone’s eyes to the Dread Doctors. He wrote the book because no one believed him. One look at Stiles and Lydia confirmed his theory — the Dread Doctors were back.

The Doctors weren’t entirely human. They were once scientists who worshipped the supernatural, who’d prolonged their lives using electromagnetic forces. Lydia and Stiles demanded to know what they wanted; Vallack just wanted Lydia to scream.

The One Where Stiles Still Loves Lydia

Meanwhile, Scott and Kira were outside the door waiting. Scott knew Stiles and Lydia would be OK. “Those two, they’re pretty good together.” OMG. I have so many feelings right now. Stydia is alive and kicking, y’all.

“He still likes her, doesnt he?” Kira asked. “Yeah, but it’s different,” Scott continued. “You should have seen the way he used to be around her. It was kind of obsessive, but not all bad.” He remembered that Stiles was the only one who listened to Lydia and always saw beneath the surface of the red-haired beauty. This is IN-SANE. Everyone knows that Stiles truly loves Lydia. Always has and always will. #STYDIA

Going back to Vallack, Stiles didn’t want Lydia to go all banshee for Vallack. The three-eyed man admitted that the Dread Doctors had been in Beacon Hills before, and it was mayhem. They’d returned because the gang had reignited a supernatural force — the nemeton. Kira started going crazy with electrical currents pulsing through her veins. She was screwing the electromagnetic energy used to protect Eichen House because she’s a kitsune. Thanks to Kira, the Dread Doctors were now allowed in. Gulp.

Meanwhile, Theo and Malia spent some time together. First, they studied, and then he offered to drive her home. He actually let her drive. There was serious eye-flirting going on between these two. And I mean serious. During their car ride, Malia had a flashback and flipped out. She ran from the car and remembered a time when the Desert Wolf tried to kill her.

‘It’s Our Fault’

The Dread Doctors were making their way through Eichen House, and Scott wasn’t just about to leave Kira behind. Even though she nearly electrocuted him, Scott picked Kira up and headed for the sweet outdoors. Realizing what was about to happen, Vallack pleaded with Lydia to scream.

Lydia still wanted answers. Girl, you need to run! Vallack said that if you’d seen the Dread Doctors or they’d done something to you, the book would help you remember what had happened. Lydia’s suppressed memories from when she went under for surgery started to come back. Vallack urged them to read the book. Stiles and Lydia hid and held onto to each other for dear life. Tonight was Stydia’s night. Life is now better than ever.

The Dread Doctors were there for Vallack. They sucked (ew!) out his third eye for an unknown reason. Vallack ended up using the recording of Lydia’s shriek to break the glass. Stiles was in another part of Eichen House, with Lydia, mulling over what had just happened.

“It’s not OK,” he told Lydia. “All of this, it’s on us. Everything that’s happened, everything that’s gonna happen… it’s our fault.”

“It’s our responsibility,” Lydia replied. Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by the Dread Doctors now. Everyone? OK. The gang’s fight against the Dread Doctors is just getting started, and I’m really scared for them.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s Teen Wolf? Do you blame Stiles for killing Donovan? What did you think of Scott’s revealing talk about Lydia and Stiles? Let me know your thoughts below!

— Avery Thompson

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