Ariana Grande & Ricky Alvarez: His Romantic Moves Won Her Over

So hot! Ariana Grande and her new bae, Ricky Alvarez, are lighting up the night with their new romance. Now, has the scoop on how Ricky’s romantic side won Ariana’s heart and just how serious their relationship has gotten in such a short time! We have to say that Ariana Grande, 22, and Ricky Alvarez are an incredibly cute couple! The “Break Free” singer has sparked a new flame with her back-up dancer, and things are getting hot between these two! has EXCLUSIVELY learned some new details on their relationship and how Ricky’s smooth moves made Ariana swoon!

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Ariana first dropped a hint that there was something between her and Ricky when she planted a sexy kiss on him during a June 28 concert. Their relationship was confirmed with a kiss (and a donut!) and sources EXCLUSIVELY tell that Ariana’s love with and her new man is quickly heating up!

“They are not super serious but they are exclusive,” an insider tells “[Their relationship is] very new and they are very comfortable around each other so that is helping things move forward quicker than usual.” They also have “common interests,” the source added, saying it’s “easy for them to hang out, get along and be close.”

It doesn’t hurt that Ricky is a stud and a great dancer, as the source tells that Ricky is “very romantic.” Ricky is also very good with his hands, “very touchy feely,” the source adds, and that these moves have really wowed Ariana in the bedroom.

As if that wasn’t enough reason for this new couple to spend time indoors, the insider says Ariana and Ricky are “homebodies,” and their “nights out” are usually spent on the tour bus. Though, considering the trouble Ariana and Ricky got into the last time they went out on the town, maybe staying home is best?

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Ariana Grande: ‘Donut’ Shop Owner Demands She Apologize For ‘Spitting’ On His Doughnuts

Rick and Ariana hit up the Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, California on July 4. While she planted a kiss on him, she also was seen licking donuts before putting them back! Gross! The owner, Joe Marin, EXCLUSIVELY told that he is furious about this and he is demanding an apology for “spitting and licking” on several of his donuts! Thankfully, Ariana complied and apologized for her behavior! 

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— Jason Brow, Russ Weakland reporting