Why Super Fan Taylor Swift Was Not Asked To Be In ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ Video

You can't sit with us! That was Madonna's message to Taylor Swift as she invited all her celeb besties (except Tay!) to be a part of her new 'Bitch I'm Madonna' vid -- which includes Taylor's no. 1 nemesis, Katy Perry! Taylor Swift, 25, did it before Madonna, 56. Hire A-list BFFs to help promote a new single, that is. After Taylor enlisted the help of gal pals like Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid to star in "Bad Blood," Madge decided to take the country-pop cutie's idea and have her own famous friends -- like Katy Perry -- appear in the new mini-flick for "Bitch I'm Madonna." A source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY how Katy's involvement hindered the music maven from inviting Miss Swift to play a part!

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“She did not invite Taylor. Madonna had her vision for her video and knew she wanted Katy Perry to be a part of it all along,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.  “Knowing the issues Katy and Taylor have, Madonna did not even think of having Taylor be part of it and never reached out.” Probably a good idea!

Swifties are well aware that their queen’s “Bad Blood” video was directly inspired by her falling out with Katy. The biggest giveaway? Taylor having her girl Selena play Arsyn, an enemy of her own character — while donning a KP-inspired wig! So shady.

Can you imagine the bitching that would have gone down on the “Bitch I’m Madonna” set if Katy and Taylor were forced to work together? Obvi, her Madgesty was not trying to find out! Sadly for T. Swift (who our insider notes “idolizes” Madonna) was left out of the fun due to Miss Perry’s presence. Sorry — can’t win ’em all, Tay!

Taylor Swift Thrilled Madonna’s Doing Star-Studded Video Like ‘Bad Blood’

Even though Taylor wasn’t welcome to a cameo in “Bitch I’m Madonna,” it doesn’t mean she isn’t absolutely honored that a music legend would cop her own star-studded blueprint for “Bad Blood!” Instead of being bitter, the 25-year-old is actually quite flattered.

“Taylor [couldn’t] wait to see the video, she’s the biggest Madonna fan,” a second source explains to us. “It’s surreal to her to have all these people talking about how Madonna could be doing her own version of ‘Bad Blood.’ She can’t get over it!”

Regardless of seeing her ex-friend Katy buddying up to her idol, Taylor is quite impressed by the star power of Madonna’s new clip. Beyonce, Kanye West, Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus all get air time! “[Taylor] thinks [Madonna is] beyond amazing so it’s totally a ‘pinch me’ moment!” adds the source.

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HollywoodLifers — let us know what YOU think! Should Madonna have invited Taylor to be in her new music video even though Katy Perry was a part of it?

— Evan Real, Reporting By Russ Weakland

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