‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Derek Takes The Job In Washington

No pregnancy ever goes smoothly for the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial, and now April and Jackson are facing some serious complications. But even what's more complicated? Derek and Meredith's marriage. The Nov. 20th winter finale of Grey’s Anatomy was heart wrenching. Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) bond when they both disagree with Derek's (Patrick Dempsey) approach on a patient's case. April (Sarah Drew) and Jackson's (Jesse Williams) baby is in danger and it's not looking good.

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Greys Anatomy Derek Leaves
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Meredith And Maggie Don’t See Eye-To-Eye With Derek

When a routine root canal ends up giving a patient a critical infection that has now traveled to her brain, Derek steps up to take on the case. There’s just one problem, Maggie strongly believes the patient needs chest surgery first, before Derek operates.

This doesn’t fly with Derek who tries to go over her head and continue with his own agenda.

Meredith steps in and agrees that Maggie needs to operate first in order to save this patient. She accuses Derek of trying to pull rank in order to get his way, “You are pulling rank here that you don’t have.”

In the end a very angry Derek steps aside and watches Maggie and his wife, Meredith take over.

April & Jackson’s Baby May Not Make It

It’s supposed to be a happy time for the newlyweds — they are having a baby! During a routine ultrasound, April is told her son is sitting in a Buddha-like position. Seems harmless at first, but during a prior ultrasound, he was also in the same position.

April jokes that this is normal for her little boy, “Sitting like a little Buddha just like last time.” But Dr. Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton), who just so happens to be Jackson’s ex, fears this is a complication.

She seeks out Dr. Robins (Jessica Capshaw) for a second opinion, but it doesn’t look good. Sadly, by the end of the episode we find out that the Avery baby doesn’t have a strong chance of making it — he has a rare degenerative disease. How awful!

The President Of The United States Calls On Derek . . . Again

Derek finds out that the President of the United States doesn’t like to be told “no.” When the POTUS’ special assistant makes an impromptu visit to the hospital, Derek tries to blow her off, but she is one stubborn lady and insists on waiting. She tells Derek that the commander-in-chief won’t give up easily.

This doesn’t shake Derek who stands his ground and removes himself from the conversation. But we have a feeling this won’t be the last time Derek hears from The President.

Arizona Goes Behind Dr. Nicole Herman’s Back

Arizona can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble with her boss. During tonight’s episode she continued to pry into Dr. Herman’s (Geena Davis) medical issues and got herself thrown off yet another case.

But she didn’t stop there, she went ahead and called the doctor who is working Dr. Herman’s case and asks for the medical records to be sent over. Oh Arizona — can’t you just let some things go?

After reviewing the brain scans of her boss, she seeks out Dr. Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) for more advice. By the end of the episode, Amelia has come up with a plan and she reveals that there may actually be a chance she could save Nicole!

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished For Callie

Callie (Sara Ramirez) has started the process of getting her big project up and running. She continues to strive to get the robotic legs working for the veterans.

During a routine consultation, she attaches the device to one of her patients and tries to get him to walk on it. He becomes too confident and tries to take on stairs, but trips and falls and splits his head wide open. After he is rushed off to surgery to stop the bleeding, Callie finds out that he has fallen into a coma.

Dr. Hunt was there to witness the whole ordeal go down and now he is blaming Callie for pushing this soldier to hard. “You should have stopped him.”

Just when Callie is feeling at her lowest, Arizona comes to the rescue to make sure she’s okay. For a brief moment it’s just like old days with these two — we miss Calzona!

Callie reveals to her ex that she feels “like every single thing I am doing is wrong.” Poor Callie, she is taking on so much with this new project. She continues to feel down and ready to give up, but Dr. Hunt puts his pride aside and boosts her up. “You push through it… get him back here and give him real hope.”

And that’s just what she does! That’s the girl we all love.

‘Take the job…go…go now!’

Did we just witness the end of Meredith and Derek? After months of fighting, Derek finally gives up and decides he just doesn’t have any fight left in him. No!!!

Sadly, at the end of the episode we witness the fight to end all fights as Derek blames Meredith yet again, for being the reason he stayed behind in Seattle. This sets her off — like usual and she tells him to just go. “Take the job and go.”

Without hesitation Derek picks up the phone and accepts the job offer, leaving Meredith absolutely destroyed. How could Derek just up and leave his wife and kids?

What do you think, HollywoodLifers, will Derek follow through with his plan and leave for Washington? Will the doctors find a way to save the Avery baby? Let us know!

— Brittany King

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