‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Callie & Arizona Go On A Break — Split For Good?

Shonda Rhimes, why must you always tear apart our favorite couples?! Callie and Arizona seem to have survived it all, but as we all know, stable relationships don't exist on 'Grey's Anatomy,' and Calzona may have hit a breaking point. The Oct. 23 episode of Grey’s Anatomy centered around what we thought was one of Seattle's strongest couples, but looks like we may have been wrong. On the medical front, Alex (Justin Chambers) stepped up to the plate with an intense pediatric case, while Callie (Sara Ramirez) held her head high with a difficult surgery. But not everyone was advancing. Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) was left speechless, after being told she may strike out of her new fetal fellowship program.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Callie & Arizona Fight In Therapy

One of our favorite couples is on the verge of divorce — again.

Calzona started off the episode in therapy. The two women tore into one another and didn’t hold back in the least bit. They sat through numerous therapy sessions, only to get nowhere, except angrier with one another, especially when Arizona admitted she didn’t get time to process the idea of a child, after coming home from her grant in Africa. That didn’t settle well with Callie who lashed out, accusing Arizona of feeling trapped with a kid she never wanted.

“Don’t you ever say I don’t love my child or I regret my child,” Arizona fought back. “I regret that you made the decision for me.”

That’s when their therapist suggested taking a break.

Calzona Takes A Break

Arizona was on board right away, and seemed ecstatic at the idea of a break. At first, she suggested a 30 day break, then three months and even took it one step further and suggested they go a full six months, to which Callie was appalled. Finally, she reluctantly agreed to 30 days, and the therapist gave them tough rules: they had to live under the same roof, in separate rooms and there had to be no communication. Plus, absolutely no intimacy!

It started off tough and Callie couldn’t endure it. By day nine, she came home drunk and went into Arizona’s room and kissed her, thus breaking the rules and sending them back to the beginning of their 30 day stint.

After two weeks Callie felt adamant it wasn’t working, until she wound up sleeping in an on call room and not going home, leaving Arizona freaked out that she was cheating on her. This little act of jealousy by Arizona (even though not the healthiest) showed Callie a glimmer of hope, because it meant she cared.

Callie & Meredith Bond Over Booze

Ahh, alcohol. You never fail the Grey’s docs.

In a bout of frustration, Callie stormed into the same closet that Meredith was hiding in and started throwing supplies in the hospital. That’s when Mer knew it was time for a drink. Or two. Or three.

Mer and Callie went off together to the bar, and things got a bit fuzzy. They both meant well, listening to each other vent about their troubles — Callie dealing with Arizona and Mer admitting her issues with Derek, her mother and Christina.

But enough with the sappy girl talk. It’s time for vaginas. Say what?

After drinking shot, after shot, after shot, the ladies broke out into a unique song: “Vagina…vagina…oh vaaa…gina.”

It was hilarious, awkward and intimate, all at the same time.

Arizona Over Stepped Her Bounds

Everyone knows Karev has a lot of respect for Arizona, so when she passed him her case to continue, he was thrilled. But there was one condition. He had to stick to the plan she already had in place for treatment.

Well, he wasn’t so keen on her idea and lashed out with his own idea for a different surgery that would be more effective and allow the patient to heal quicker, but Arizona shot him down. He went along with her course of treatment, only for it to backfire, sending him into angry Alex mode.

Karev pulled Arizona aside for overstepping her boundaries and not listening to him. “Get the hell off my floor!”

In the end, Alex did his original procedure and saved the day yet again. We sure do love us a stubborn Alex!

Arizona Is On The Cusp Of Loosing Her Fellowship

Will everything going on in her personal life, Arizona’s concentration on her fellowship wasn’t where it should have been and it showed.

She was given the chance to step up to the plate on a very serious and intricate surgery of a baby in utero, but when called upon, she hesitated. This didn’t settle well with her boss (Geena Davis) who ripped her apart in the on-call room and told her she was on her last strike.

Callie Breaks Up With Arizona

By episodes end, Callie and Arizona sat on the couch on their 30th day of separation and that’s when the Callie bomb hit.

Although the 30 day break started as Arizona’s idea and Callie seemed like the attached partner, Callie ended up admitting to Arizona that she spent the last 30 days laughing, working and finally feeling free for herself. “I am constantly trying to fix us and it has been killing me slowly,” Callie shockingly said. She went on to say she needed to love herself and that Arizona should want so much more than this.

“No matter how hard we try we have to realize that somethings can’t be fixed.”

And just like that, Calzona broke it off. Wait. What?!

HollywoodLifers, did Callie make a mistake by letting Arizona go? Do you think they’re really over for good? Let us know!

— Brittany King

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