‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Cristina Has An Imaginary Relationship With Hunt

On the March 27 episode of 'Grey's Anatomy,' Cristina's imagination runs wild with scenarios as she decides whether or not she wants to get back together with Hunt. Cristina Yang faces a very difficult decision regarding her relationship with Hunt. In order to help make the right decision, we get to see her imagine two different futures with him. But which one will she choose?

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Cristina’s Imagination Runs Wild

The opening montage of Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Hunt’s (Kevin McKidd) relationship is heart wrenching. Did anyone else shed a tear?

Okay, back to business. Cristina has a relationship epiphany while delivering bad news to a patient’s wife. The man is, sadly, paralyzed, and his wife doesn’t know how to proceed. While this is happening, Cristina catches a glimpse of Hunt and wonders if she’s ready to lose him.

The patient is paralyzed from the neck down, and his wife demands he be woken up so that a life changing decision be made. Cristina tells her patient that he is paralyzed, and he is on a ventilator because he can no longer breathe on his own. When asked if he wants the ventilator removed, which will kill him, the patient nods yes.

It’s shortly after this moment that Cristina decides she wants to be with Hunt, that he is the love of her life, and she finds him at the elevator bank (of course) and tells him this. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Cristina be so emotionally raw in such a positive way, so it’s actually really touching.

But… is it really happening?

Cristina’s Decision Changes Everything

When we next see Cristina and Hunt, they are naked and entangled under a layer of sheets. Then we get a major TMI: They have officially christened every room in the house. Every. Room. They must be exhausted!

Immediately, Hunt suggests that the house is too big for just two people. We’re reminded of the time he badgered her for children, but instead we find ourselves watching the newly revived couple adopting a dog. A really, really, really ugly dog. It’s typical Cristina, and she even names the dog Mrs. Rodriguez. Who would even think to name an animal that?!

Unfortunately, the happiness doesn’t last. In the next board meeting, Hunt brings something up to the board that Cristina is instantly angry about. It’s not exactly clear, but it appears as if Hunt has been offered a really big deal kind of job in Germany. He wants to leave the hospital behind and bring Cristina with him, but she’s not having it.

Next… we see Cristina with a baby belly. Yes, a baby belly. If this is not the most bizarre episode of Grey’s you have ever seen, I don’t know what you’ve been watching.

Oh, and April (Sarah Drew) has a baby belly, too. A big, big, baby belly filled with a Jackson Jr. If only!

Cristina Puts Hunt’s Happiness First

Fast forward to Cristina giving birth. As expected, Hunt is on her right and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is on her left. Cristina is screaming that it’s a mistake, she can’t do it, she doesn’t want children, but Meredith covers for her. Does everyone really say that? Hunt seems to believe Meredith, but I don’t know if I do.

While the nurses are tending to the baby, Cristina looks at Meredith and says she made a major mistake. But when she holds her baby boy, she doesn’t seem too upset. In fact, she looks like she falls in love. At least until the baby wakes her up in the middle of the night, and Cristina is miserable. She doesn’t even entertain the idea of trying to soothe the baby, instead she just glares at it.

Fast forward again to another scenario: Cristina has a crying toddler in a hospital room. Jo is telling her that he’s fine, but Cristina doesn’t think so.  In fact, she gives up a major surgery to Shane so that she can make sure her son is okay. Even Hunt is baffled by this.

Soon after that, Cristina is pregnant again. This time, it’s at her son’s birthday party. He’s maybe five or six now, and Cristina doesn’t seem so miserable anymore. She seems happy, content even, and more so than that, she’s happy that Hunt is happy. Her entire life has changed because she wanted to make one man happy. It’s a dream scenario, except it’s never been Cristina’s dream.

Last but not least, Cristina is giving a speech at the Harper-Avery Awards. The award goes to Shane (Charles Gaius), believe it or not. Cristina presents him with the award, but something feels wrong. Is it because she should be getting the award? Whatever it is, it leaves her sobbing hysterically in the bathroom afterwards.

But just like that, it was all a dream. Cristina’s imagination ran wild, too wild, and now we’re back at square one.

Cristina’s Imagination Runs Wild Again

This time, when Cristina asks her patient if he wants his ventilator removed he shakes his head no.

Cristina finds Hunt at the elevator bank, and instead of telling him he’s the love of her life, she tells him she wants to spend the night naked with him. He happily obliges. But what will this lead to?

Hunt and Cristina are naked again, but this time it’s in the trailer he rents from Derek (Patrick Dempsey). Cristina asks him if he’s okay being just the way they are, which we can only assume is mostly physical, not so much emotional.

My assumption might be correct, because next we see Hunt and Cristina fighting over moving their relationship forward. Hunt wants to go forward, and Cristina reminds him she can not give him any more than he is giving. She tells him to go find it somewhere else, and he says he will. But of course he doesn’t, because the next scene we see is Hunt practically ripping off Cristina’s clothes in a break room.

After Hunt reassures Cristina that he’s not giving up children for her, that he’s changed, she seems to believe him.

Cristina Puts Medicine First This Time

The patient who decided to live is back, and this time he has a chance at walking again. When the patient’s kidneys fail and his wife is terrified and asking for Cristina, Hunt goes to her for help. Cristina denies him though, because she’s too busy with her clinical trial and her 3D printer.

The tables are turned now. Hunt is consoling the paralyzed patient’s wife, and when she rants about how her life has been ruined by taking care of her husband, it hits a cord with Hunt. Even more so, when she admits that she wanted a child and she’ll never have one, the look on Hunt’s face is heartbreaking. The woman kisses him, but he pushes her away. I have to admit, that’s kind of surprising. Once he realizes what he’s sacrificed, you would think he was interested in moving on immediately.

After this incident, Hunt starts pushing Cristina away. He starts drinking because he’s unhappy, and then he starts taking out his frustrations on other doctors. Jackson takes his wrath before Bailey intervenes, and then something awful happens. Hunt’s drinking is so bad that he can’t work. He ends up in a hospital bed begging Cristina to marry him, literally. Cristina doesn’t seem into it, but she consoles him anyway because he’s so drunk he’s terrifying her.

Cristina’s Decision Ruins Hunt’s Life

Or maybe I’m completely wrong, because where do we end up next? A gray-haired Cristina is dressed in a wedding gown and checking herself out in the mirror. It’s an all too familiar scenario, because Cristina has been stood up at the alter before. We get flashes of Hunt in the hospital, so we assume he’s just backed up at work.

Then, out of nowhere, Shane walks in to the room Cristina is waiting in just as my jaw hits the floor. It will be bruised for days.

Thankfully, we find out that Shane is only presenting a Harper-Avery award to Cristina. Wow. Talk about throwing us for a loop, Shonda Rhimes!

While Cristina is accepting her award, the hospital board is debating whether or not Hunt should get his medical license revoked because of his drinking problem. Cristina has everything she’s ever wanted, and Hunt’s life has gone completely haywire.

We’re back to reality again, and Cristina is watching Hunt push the button for the elevator. When she starts to walk towards him, Meredith interrupts her and takes her away. So, Cristina never gets to make a decision.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — What do you think Cristina should do? Should she be with Hunt? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Lauren Cox

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