‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: [SPOILER] Dies From A Sword Through The Stomach

Our hearts are broken. We will never recover. On the March 17 episode of 'Teen Wolf' -- 'Insatiable' -- the major character death that the cast has been promising has finally happened -- and it was awful. It's OK -- we didn't need our hearts. We were kind of hoping that the death that had been promised by creator Jeff Davis and the entire Teen Wolf cast had been a red herring, but nope. Nope. The threat was all too real. One of our beloved main cast bit the dust tonight, and it was as tragic as you might imagine. See below for our full recap and be sure to send your best wishes to the dearly departed!

Allison Argent Dies Teen Wolf
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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap — Stiles Is Free From The Nogitsune

“Insatiable” opens with Deaton (Seth Gilliam) in the Beacon Hills High locker room showers, pulling flies out of the mouths of Isaac (Daniel Sharman) and the Twinsformers (Max and Charlie Carver) because yes, all right, sure. Why not?

At the McCall house, Stiles and Noshiko Yukimura face off, but it looks like Stiles is 100 per cent Stiles, because the oni arrive, tag him with the character for “self,” and take off. Yay! But we wonder how Stiles will deal with being the nogitsune’s plaything for so long? Meanwhile, Noshiko enlightens us on the reason why the nogitsune took Lydia (Holland Roden): it wants her power.


I literally love Kira (Arden Cho). When Noshiko tries to tell her daughter about the importance of the game Go that the nogitsune had been playing with Stiles, Kira is all, “HI, this is life and death, I really don’t need to be prepped for game night right now!” We might be paraphrasing. Noshiko, we’re not all 900 years old, OK? Life is short for some of us.

At the Sheriff’s station, Deputy Handsome (Ryan Kelley), ominously, tells Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby) that he came to Beacon Hills because he felt “drawn” there. Ominous! Foreshadowing! Keeping this in mind! He’s definitely the one who’s actually Peter’s (Ian Bohen‘s) child, right? He has the Hale propensity for bright eyes, handsomeness, and sass, after all.

Post that whole Derek-trying-to-kill-Chris-while-being-possessed-by-an-evil-fly thing, Chris Argent (JR Bourne) tells Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), “you’re not my enemy anymore, Derek. And I’m not yours.” Be still, our tender, ally-loving hearts. Looks like these two are finally burying the hatchet! And the Tasers. And the cattle prods, and the guns, and the matches, and the cross bows, and, well… they’re kissing and making up, in any case.

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap — The Gang Search For Meredith From Eichen House

Oh, lovely, we are back at Eichen House, where the orderlies call their patients “nutjobs.” Stiles, Scott and the Sheriff are in search of Meredith, who seemed like she knew more than she let on and could see through to the nogitsune possessing Stiles. Meredith, however, has escaped.

Back in the woods of Beacon Hills, the Twinsformers are being shot at. What fun!

In search of Lydia, Isaac and Allison have a Talk. Turns out that, despite Isaac’s fly possession (P.S., it still feels super silly to be writing that), he was all there during their intimate encounter in last week’s episode.

Oh, there’s Meredith! Sitting totally unassumingly in the back of the classroom. JK — she’s looking totally creepy and Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) alerts Coach (Orny Adams) to their new arrival. (Oh, dearest Danny. We wish you had more to do.)

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Back at the McCall house, Stiles wakes up, gasping, from sleep. Poor nugget — still terrified to be sleeping. He needs to be reassured that everyone is safe, in one piece, and looking for Lydia, and when Scott goes to touch him, Scott realizes that he’s in pain — and freezing. Is Stiles going to be OK?

Even though he’s saving the twins, which I do not approve of, I am weak in the knees from Derek coming out of nowhere to save them from their mystery shooter. Derek is such a hero! It’s not his fault that he’s like, really, really bad at winning fights!

At BHHS, Meredith has escaped again — this time from Coach’s office. That girl must be killer at hide-and-seek.

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap — The Nogitsune Wants Lydia’s Power

The nogitsune has cornered Lydia, and he taunts her, telling her that nobody is looking for her — that they have bigger fish to fry. In the stories of the trickster spirits, coyotes, ravens, foxes — they’re all insatiable. What the nogitsune wants from Lydia is “more.” (Also, coyotes? Malia! Evil! Where is she? What’s she up to? Evil-doing, probably!)

Father-daughter bonding time, as only the Argents can: making bullets! Chris teaches Allison how to make a silver bullet using a special bullet mold, because Argents, and Allison insists on making her own special silver arrowheads because “the bow is [her] weapon.” Y’all, this family needs to go to Disney World or something.  The Happiest Place On Earth could do them some good.

With Meredith in tow, Scott and Stiles go back to the McCall house to mine her for supernatural answers. Kyle McCall  is there, too, and he wants to talk to his estranged son. He tries to gain sympathy but Scott isn’t really having any of it; tells his father that he’ll see him at graduation or whenever he next feels like coming around. Scott McCall, you dear-hearted, loyal mama’s boy. Never change.

Back to Derek and the Twinsformers, Derek asks them who they pissed off this time, and it’s kind of hard for them to tell. “We’ve pissed off everyone. It was only a matter of time before someone caught up to us.” Really loving the Twinsformers’ sense of awareness these past couple of episodes! You two are the worst! Yeah!

Meanwhile, Kira becomes increasingly frustrated with her mother, whose game pieces on the Go board are supposed to indicate something-or-other — I’m not smart enough to understand the nuances of Go. Anyway, none of that matters like, at all, because Meredith has located Lydia!

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap — Stiles ‘Doesn’t Care’ If He Dies If That Means  That The Nogitsune Dies

Oh, heartbreaking. Sail me down a river. In the car on the way to Lydia, Isaac says what everyone is thinking: that Stiles looks way ill, and will the nogitsune look healthy as Stiles looks worse? If they kill the nogitsune, will Stiles die? To that, Stiles says that he “doesn’t care,” that he can’t let anyone else die, and that he remembers everything he did as the nogitsune — including stabbing Scott. Oh, pain and misery. Poor Stiles.

Noshiko tries to head off the kids at the pass, insisting that there’s no way to save Stiles, and everyone preps for a fight. However, they’re interrupted when the oni close in on the nogitsune — he takes out the last dagger that symbolizes Noshiko’s tail, breaks it in half, and suddenly there’s a “change in ownership” — the oni are the nogitsune’s to control. Whoops. Guess you should have had a better hiding place for those than a textbook in a classroom, Noshiko! Girl, get your life right.

Allison, Kira and Isaac do their level best to fight off the oni, and when Stiles and Scott go to free Lydia from her cage, she’s not happy to see them — looks like her warnings were not for naught; she really did not want to be found. She looks terrified.

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap — Main Cast Member Dies

Outside, the fight continues. Just as it looks like Isaac is down for the count, Allison saves him by shooting the oni surrounding him with her special arrows. But then, oh my god, she gets stabbed in the stomach by one of the oni. Allison got stabbed! Allison Argent — hero, hunter, and all-too-human — stabbed!

With her last dying breaths, Allison asks Scott if Lydia is OK, if she’s safe. I cannot even deal with this. A hero until the end. Scott grabs her hand, but realizes that he can’t take her pain. “That’s because it doesn’t hurt,” she tells him. Allison Argent’s last, coherent words: “I’m in the arms of the first person I ever loved, the person I’ll always love. I love you, Scott McCall.” R.I.P., you brave, beautiful, warrior princess.

Well! That was gut-wrenching! What did you think, HollywoodLifers? Did you expect the major character death to be our beloved Allison? Are you crying right now? What were your favorite Allison moments? Vote and mourn with us in the comments below.

— Amanda Michelle Steiner

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