‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Derek Hale Seeks Revenge Against The Argents

'DeVoid' is possibly the craziest episode of 'Teen Wolf' we've seen yet! The nogitsune wreaked total havoc in Beacon Hills and Isaac and Derek became possessed and sought revenge for the fallen members of their pack. "DeVoid" opens in the same way that many Teen Wolf episodes have done lately: with Stilinski family feelings. Papa Stilinski (Linden Ashby) pleads with nogitsune!Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) in Derek's loft, telling him that if there is even a tiny bit of Stiles left in him, then he will turn himself in. It's super sad. Stilinski cuffs him, but nogitsune!Stiles smirks and breaks through them easily.

Derek Hale Revenge Teen Wolf Recap
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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: The Nogitsune Possesses Isaac, Derek And The Twins

Allison (Crystal Reed), Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and  Chris Argent (JR Bourne) show up, but none of them are a match for the nogitsune — not even Derek’s werewolf strength. Chris, meaning business, holds a gun to the nogitsune. The nogitsune turns big, innocent eyes onto the Sheriff and pleads with him not to let Chris kill him. Oh, you trickster spirit, you stop it. You stop.

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The nogitsune’s real plan is revealed when the oni show up: the gang is not there to kill Stiles, but to protect him. You guys! The nogitsune knows that everyone in Stiles’ life will do anything to protect him, even when possessed by an evil spirit!! This is awful.

By the time Scott (Tyler Posey) and Kira (Arden Cho) arrive, the oni have already beat and slashed everybody up, and the oni and nogitsune!Stiles have disappeared. Allison, Derek, Chris and the Sheriff did literally the worst job at protecting Stiles.

At Eichen House, Noshiko Yukimura is at the original nogitsune’s burial place — you know, inside a wall in the basement of an asylum. As you do. Where do you bury your ex-lovers after they get possessed by an evil fox spirit? The nogitsune shows up and calls Noshiko on being a big fat hypocrite; on calling for chaos and destruction only to regret it immediately. In a totally gross turn of events, the nogitsune uses the last and largest dagger that symbolizes Noshiko’s tails to stab himself, and a zillion flies fly out of the wound in his stomach. The flies invade Beacon Hills — including Isaac in his hospital bed, who opens his eyes!

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Make Outs Ahoy: Kira & Scott, Allison & Isaac

Over at Scott’s house, Scott McCall — True Alpha and True Gentleman — offers to sleep in an armchair so that Kira can have the bed. Kira declines his gentlemanly offer, tells him to get his butt in the bed, and comforts him with her mouth. On his mouth! They kiss a little. Don’t be gross. Meanwhile, an evil fly buzzes around outside the window, evilly.

At the Argent condo, Allison reminds her father who the boss is in the family by telling him that whether or not he was going to shoot Stiles, the decision was taken away from him when she removed the firing pin from his gun. Hearts in our eyes over Allison this episode. Big, anime hearts.

Oh, and Isaac shows up in Allison’s room and they totally make out. Keep in mind that he’s got an evil fly in his system.

In more important news, Derek is wearing a tank top. God, I have the vapors. He is fiddling with a chess board, trying to figure out the nogitsune’s game plan. He has a huge wound on his shoulder which still hasn’t healed since it was the oni that gave it to him. Peter is also there but literally eff that guy. He says some stuff. Most of it is nonsense other than him pointing out that chess is not the nogitsune’s game; it’s Stiles’. Remember how Stiles’ board was set up with Derek as the king? Sterek shippers, do you copy? Peter leaves and a fly buzzes into the wound on Derek’s shoulder in a super gross fashion.

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Isaac, Possessed, Goes After Ethan And Aiden

In one of Derek’s favorite hangouts, the Beacon Hills High School locker room, Ethan (Charlie Carver) ingests an evil fly. He tells Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) that he’s going to take a shower — and that Danny is going to join him. These flies are really into getting their hosts laid!

Lydia (Holland Roden)’s banshee senses tingle in her Toyota with Aiden (Max Carver), and she turns the car around to find Stiles passed out in the parking lot. The oni are the worst at their job. 

The next morning in Allison’s room, Isaac questions her about her weapons, and she insists that many of them are non-lethal. “There are still quite a few of us out there who are still not non-lethal. Like the twins,” Isaac points out. YES. Let’s talk about, Evil Isaac! “I thought we were going to give them a second chance,” Allison says, but Isaac isn’t having any of it: “They don’t deserve it.” Yeah!! Isaac is off to beat up the Twinsformers, leaving Allison chained to the bed, which I am less thrilled about, but whatever. Means to an end.

At Deaton (Seth Gilliam)’s prompting, Aiden forces kanima venom down the nogitsune’s throat. Before the paralysis hits, the nogitsune strangles the crap out of Aiden. Yeah!!! The nogitsune adds that he likes the twins for their “short tempers” and  “homicidal compulsions.” Is that enough proof that the twins are the worst? I think so.

In the midst of all this awful mess, Sheriff Stilinski is in the middle of a disciplinary hearing, in danger of impeachment.

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Why Did Kyle McCall Leave His Family?

Chris is about to leave his house to find Isaac when Derek shows up. “These claws are all that’s left of my mother after your psychotic sister burned her and the rest of my family alive,” he tells Chris. Aw yeah, Evil Derek!

Melissa, thinking that the real Stiles has come back, takes off the duct tape after he begins to cry. The nogitsune taunts her for her weakness, and tells her that he knows why Scott’s father left. Because Melissa called Stilinski right after it happened, Stiles “heard it like he hears everything,” but never told Scott because he knew that he’d never forgive his mother for it. We all know that’s crazy talk, however, because Scott McCall is a shiny, happy puppy of a person and would never play his angel of a mother like that. But we do have to wonder: what did she do?

The Avengers are trying to decide what to do with the nogitsune. Should Scott give Stiles the bite? Should they call Derek? But no: Lydia has the brills idea to call Peter, her past possessor. Peter’s idea is to use Scott’s claws to go into Stiles’ mind, because Peter is literally obsessed with werewolf claws, you guys.

I am loving all this Twinsformers hate, I really am. Aiden has caught up with Ethan at the school and Ethan, quite rightly, compares the two of them to “dogs that bit the neighbor” and if either of them slip up again, Scott may put them down. Then Isaac shows up to give them a right beating.

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Isaac: ‘I’m Gonna Burn It Down. For Erica, For Boyd… For Everyone.’

Lydia tells Peter that she will help him only if Scott doesn’t know about it, whatever “it” is.

It’s decided that Scott is going to go into Stiles’ subconscious — with Lydia in tow.

At the school, Isaac is beating up the twins and prepping to light stuff on fire. He tells the twins: “I’m gonna burn it down. For Erica, for Boyd… for everyone.” Yeah! Do it!! Isaac is totally speaking for the fandom right now. So glad to hear a Boyd and Erica mention — not nearly enough time was spent mourning their deaths.

Kira and Allison appear to try and stop Isaac from killing the twins — or killing himself in the process. However, turns out that they’re largely ineffectual against three werewolves — Isaac, Aiden and Ethan basically ignore them entirely and continue to go at each other.

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Peter: ‘When Are You People Going To Start Trusting Me?’

Back at the McCall house. “When are you people going to start trusting me?” Peter asks. Never. LITERALLY NEVER. Peter sucks. Get out of here forever, you awful, homicidal jerkface.

Scott digs his claws into Lydia’s and Stiles’ necks and Stiles’ mind takes them to Eichen House.

At the Argent household, Derek is pouring lighter fluid all over Chris. “You burn my family, I burn yours. In fact, I’ll burn the whole building down around you.” Trying to reason with Derek, Chris pleads that it was Kate that burnt his family alive, not him. Derek doesn’t care about finer details at this point, but assures Chris that he won’t burn him alive just yet; no, he’ll wait for Allison to come home, and make her watch. I don’t hate Chris or anything, but I have to say that I’m not really mad about this. Let Derek go a little bonkers! I bet it’s freeing for him. He could use a vacation from the crushing guilt that he shoulders on the daily.

Papa Stilinski and Kyle McCall (Matthew Del Negro) are at the Sheriff’s station and Kyle reveals that he’s stalling the impeachment so that the Sheriff can convince Scott to talk to his dad. What is going on here?

In the Eichen House of Stiles’ mind, Lydia and Scott wander around separately for a while and then come together to find themselves in the large white room where Stiles, Allison and Scott ended up in after making the sacrifice to the nemeton. Stiles and the bandaged nogitsune are there, playing Go — the nogitsune’s game — on the nemeton stump.

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Stiles Is Part Of Scott’s Pack

Back at BHHS, Allison and Kira are just being the best and I can’t handle it. Not sure how they suddenly got the upper hand over the wolves, but they’re kicking ass and taking names — and they’re all outta names.

Lydia and Scott try to run closer to Stiles and aren’t getting anywhere. Lydia reminds Scott that Stiles is a part of Scott’s pack — and how do wolves signal to others in their pack? “They howl.” Scott roars, Stiles hears him, and Stiles scatters the game pieces! It’s the best! Scott and Stiles are such friends!!

Derek comes back to himself and no longer appears possessed.

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Lydia Reveals To Peter That Malia Tate Is His Daughter

At the McCall house, Lydia takes Peter aside and reveals what he wanted to know: the name of his child. She whispers “Malia” into his ear and the nogitsune goes nuts, thrashing around, and rips the duct tape off its mouth.

JK, just when we thought the fly thing was the most disgusting thing, whatever the fresh hell this is is more disgusting: Stiles starts to barf out what I know, logically, is bandages, but in reality looks like a super-long tapeworm and who needs to eat food ever again? Certainly not me. And, what? WHAT? The nogitsune starts to rise from the pile of bandages. What?? I don’t think Melissa is adequately prepared to handle this particular supernatural situation.

Scott and Peter try to wrestle the nogitsune down into the couch and Scott — beautiful, clever Scott — thinks to unwrap the bandages from the nogitsune’s face and it’s Stiles underneath! The real Stiles! TRICKS! So many tricks right now!! But where’s the nogitsune? The answer is disappeared along with Lydia!

This episode was crazy and amazing! Was I supposed to be anxious over the evil flies possessing Isaac and Derek? ‘Cause I kinda liked seeing them live out the vengeance you know that a tiny part of them thinks about acting on every day. And how great were Allison and Kira working together? And what about the nogitsune suddenly going crazy when Malia’s name was mentioned? I’m still convinced that girl is evil. She is Peter’s spawn, after all. Or is she? It all seems too easy, and you know that Jeff Davis never makes it easy on us.

What did you think, HollywoodLifers? Did you like the Boyd and Erica mention? What do you think about the Twinsformers? Is Stiles back in action? How great is Dylan O’Brien’s acting? EGOT! Also, did anyone notice that the twins didn’t really change a whole lot after being possessed…? And most importantly: what did you think about Derek’s tank top? Be sure to vote and comment below!

— Amanda Michelle Steiner

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