‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Why Won’t They Just Let Shane Get Fired Already?

'Grey's Anatomy' finally returned on Feb. 27 -- and the emotional struggles continued. In an unsurprising turn of events April (Sarah Drew) chooses Jackson (Jesse Williams), but she's quick to re-think the decision. Cristina (Sandra Oh) desperately tries to make amends with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) in the only way she knows how, and Alex (Justin Chambers) fights just about everyone for his fathers life. Needless to say, the return of Grey’s Anatomy picked up right where we left it -- and dragged our emotions along for an extremely bumpy ride.

Grey's Anatomy Recap
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Runaway Love

The bride must be wearing sneakers, because April is on the run. And yes, her choice is with her — and of course it’s Jackson! Looking thrilled to be together the two jump into his car hoping to run away and live happily ever after. There’s a slight hitch in their plans when April gets hesitant, but she encourages Jackson to drive away and never look back.

Well, until they pull over and she has a nervous breakdown because she realizes just exactly what she’s done. Meanwhile, Jackson’s girlfriend Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) looks like a deer in headlights when her friends find her in the locker room still reeling from his choice to run away with April right before her very eyes. Thankfully, she gets some entertainment in her life when what we’ll call a “Cat Man” comes in the E.R. after getting hit by a car. We’ve seen weirder things though, haven’t we? In fact, the Cat Man seems to inspire Stephanie to move on with her life because sometimes it’s just too short.

Leah (Tessa Ferrer) is the first person to slam Jackson on Stephanie’s behalf, and he admits that breaking Stephanie’s heart is basically the worst thing he’s ever done. The confession isn’t enough to put off Leah, but he reminds her she picked a terrible time to chastise him since they are trying to surgically repair a man’s arm at the same moment. It’s clear Leah isn’t comforted by Jackson’s confession, and she decides to remind Stephanie that Jackson is actually her boss — and she can get him in big trouble for treating her like an “expendable.” You already know that’s what the emergency board meeting is about at the end of the episode, and Hunt (Kevin McKidd) uses Stephanie’s complaints to try and change the hospital for the better. That should be interesting to watch.

It comes later in the episode, but we’re finally shown what happened when April jumps out of the car after ditching her wedding: She’s worried about all of the people in their lives they are going to have to explain this to, and he proposes. Just like that! When April says yes, they get back in their car and continue their drive to their happily ever after. Lucky for them, it includes an ice cream maker!

Friends Forever?

When we last saw Cristina and Meredith, they finally acknowledged they were growing apart and dragged each other through the mud in the process. After being ridiculed by Cristina, Meredith now has to deal with hubby Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) priority switch once he tells her that the President of the United States needs him.

Derek meets with some important suits from Washington D.C. about the POTUS, and Cristina tracks down Meredith to invite her to join her for a surgery. What a better way for two surgeons to mend their bond than heart surgery? During the surgery the two girls really do seem like they’re putting their friendship back together, and Cristina admits that she is furious with Shane (Gauis Charles). After all, she did fight for him to get yet another chance at the hospital and he’s already bailed on everyone. For the record, I’m still mad at Cristina for fighting for Shane. He’s gotta go — and soon!

Derek spent this time getting grilled by the D.C. suits. When they mention that he’s been paying a large sum of money to someone monthly your first thought is: Oh no, Derek has another kid! But it’s simply not the case. Derek makes sure to tell Meredith the truth, and it’s sadder than him having a love child. Apparently in high school, Derek injured his buddy Michael Betcher during a hockey game and caused a brain bleed that left him living like a vegetable for the rest of his life. Even though Meredith has been super annoyed with Derek lately, she took the news surprisingly well.

Home Is Where You Are

Will they or won’t they? Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona’s (Jessica Capshaw) relationship continues it’s tug-of-war. We’re re-introduced to the couple screaming at each other after April’s wedding, and the emotional breakdown capsizes when Callie asks Arizona to come home with her and talk it out — but Arizona quickly reminds her: “It’s not my home anymore.” Truth bomb. Ouch.

Then, Shonda Rimes, in her typical fashion, has us fast forward three weeks and, oh look! Callie and Arizona are looking at homes together. Wait, what? Just like that? Yes, just like that. I guess love prevails after all! For now.

Later in the episode, Arizona makes a romantic confession: she doesn’t see any part of the hospital in their brand new home. She sees tire swings, white picket fences, and that’s all she wants. It’s every girl’s dream, isn’t it? Who cares what happened in the three weeks we missed, these two deserve another chance!

Bailey Needs Something More

Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is still freaking out over her second husband Ben’s lack of motivation. This time instead of counting fingers, and ceiling squares, and stitches, she’s screaming at him for being a replica of her first husband. Bailey doesn’t want a man sitting at home waiting for her to find out how her day was, okay? Bailey wants a man with drive, a man with goals, a man that prioritizes things in life. Bailey is a real super woman, and she makes damn sure everyone knows it — including Ben. Ben made sure to put Bailey in her place by informing her that he didn’t lack any motivation. In fact, he loved his residency. But he quit because he wanted to be with her. Guess it’s not like your first marriage after all, is it Bailey?

After the three week jump, Ben is back at work in the operating room and under the supervision of Hunt and the Richard (James Pickens Jr.). They unintentionally pit him against everyone’s least favorite doctor in training, Shane, and by the end of the day Shane is proved completely incompetent when he can’t answer one of Hunt’s basic anatomy questions during a surgery. Like I said before: Shane’s really gotta go.

We’re Engaged?

The pressure of dealing with his sick dad is just way too much for Alex. He’s never been good at thinking rationally under pressure, and now is a prime example of that. Like when he angrily told Hunt that Cristina was sleeping with Shane. Yeah, that wasn’t his best move. (Or hers.) Not only did he call and tell his dad’s ex-wife that his dad was dead already, but he introduces his girlfriend Jo (Camilla Luddington) to her as his fiancée. Jo’s clearly baffled by the introduction, and when she confronts him about it his angry reaction forces her to admit that she doesn’t want to marry him. At least she’s brave enough to admit that she’s not ready, unlike some people. (Looking at you, April.)

As if all of this weren’t enough, when Shane tries apologizing to Alex for what happened to his father it results in Alex lunging at Shane and punching him until he’s all bloody-faced and Cristina and Meredith have to rip them apart. Shane might mean well, but he’s got to be over being the hospital’s punching bag by the end of this day, no?

Soon after, Alex’s father takes a turn for the worse. Even though his wife bailed when she found out he was still alive, Alex tells him what he needs to hear — that his other son and wife love him. That they are on their way to see him because they love him. And that he can finally let go. So he does. Alex might be teary eyed as he watches his father die, but his anger over the lack of affection from his notoriously deadbeat dad remains at center stage. Once again, Alex has to take a backseat to a family he doesn’t even know.

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Tell us, HollywoodLifers — There was SO much going on in tonight’s mid-season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy! Were you surprised that April chose Jackson? Do you think Shane needs to go, too? Let us know your thoughts below!

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