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Beyonce Disses Kim Kardashian By Refusing To Be Her Bridesmaid?

Looks like Beyoncé still does not want to keep up with Kim Kardashian. The singer seriously dissed the reality star when she reportedly said she wouldn't be in Kim's wedding! got the details behind the report from Kim's team! While we all know that Kim Kardashian and Beyonce lead two different lives, we surely thought the two gorgeous ladies could be buddies (if not BFFs). However, Bey doesn't seem to be interested in a friendship with the reality star -- and allegedly really embarrassed her recently!

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Beyonce Disses Kim Kardashian
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Beyonce Disses Kim Kardashian

Kim has once again tried to score some points with Beyoncé.

Star magazine reports that the Keeping up With Kardashians starlet asked Beyoncé to be a bridesmaid to which the singer immediately refused. Kim had been going around, bragging about how much Beyoncé wanted to be in her wedding, sources tell Star.

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The reality star was reportedly embarrassed when the reigning queen of pop turned her down. The voicemail was very unexpected considering the fact that Beyoncé does not even respond to Kim’s calls. Though Queen Bey tries to be cordial with Kim and her family, “she still finds her family unbearable,” the source added.

Bey Feels Kim’s Family Is ‘Too Controversial’?

Their men, hip hop power houses, Jay Z and Kanye West are known bffs, but it doesn’t seem as though the same will happen for their leading ladies.

If you remember back in 2012, Beyoncé gave Kim the same treatment at the BET Awards and she does not seem to be letting up. The Drunk in Love singer has made a conscious effort to be as uncontroversial and private as possible, while Kim has shared each and every detail of her, often chaotic life with the public on her TV show.

Beyoncé feels the Kardashians are “too controversial,” the source continues, and that of course does not fare well with her.

However, spoke exclusively to Kim’s rep who confirmed, there was no truth to any of the report. “She hasn’t gotten that far [into planning] to ask anyone!,” she told us!

What do you think HollywoodLifers, do you think Beyonce would be in Kim’s wedding?

— By Stephanie Sengwe

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