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Kim Kardashian: Is She Going Bald? — Expert Hairstylists Speak

Oh, no! Has Kim lost so much hair after giving birth that she's having to rely on extensions to thicken her mane? Is it from weight loss? Is she stressed out? Here's what experts say and how you can prevent post-pregnancy hair loss, too! Kim Kardashian, 33, may have had that pregnancy glow and full, healthy hair while baby North West was in her belly, but a lot of women suffer from hair loss post-pregnancy, expert hairstylists tell They break down what's happening to Kim and how to treat it EXCLUSIVELY below.

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Kim Kardashian Hair Loss
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Kim Kardashian’s Hair Loss — What’s Going On?

Jerome Lordet, stylist at Pierre Michel Salon in NYC tells EXCLUSIVELY:

“It seems as though thinning hair is common after pregnancy, which most woman experience along with balding spots as the roots. Kim is also known for having extensions, which can pull the hair at the root, and this can make the thinning hair worse.

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“I would recommend that she go for weekly conditioning scalp massages to stimulate new hair growth and strengthen the hair. RepHair by Pierre Michel makes a scalp mask that works wonders — they offer the scalp massage in the salon or a take home version. JF Lazartigue also offers many scalp treatments at home or in-salon. Shampoo hair more often to help rid the roots of build up which can slow down hair growth. A great product for extreme hair loss and thinning is Biotin — a lot of stylists recommend this to their clients post-pregnancy. Finally, give hair extensions a rest — they will only add to the damaged roots and balding spots.”

More Experts Weighs In

Dr. Ryan Welter, Chief Medical Surgeon at New England for Hair loss and Restoration New England and Stem Cell Treatment Center tells

“Pregnancy induced hair loss has long been known to affect women during the postpartum period, although not every women notices thinning. The thinning experienced is usually global, meaning that it affects most of the hair on the scalp, not particular areas. Kim’s hair loss seems to be focal, which is more consistent with the trauma of using extensions, or possibly from the disease state of alopecia areata. It is possible that her recent pregnancy weakened her hair making her more susceptible.”

Flora Shepelsky, celebrity hair/wig expert and founder of Design by Flora tell us EXCLUSIVELY: “When looking at before and after images of Kim, you can obviously see thinning along the hairline. In my opinion, Kim is not “going bald” like many are saying, but she is suffering from a degree of hair loss. It is very common for women to have partially thinning hair after childbirth and significant weight loss, two situations that Kim has just experienced. Once her weight stabilizes and if there are no other issues, her hair should fully re-grow. Wearing her hair down can camouflage the type of thinning she is exhibiting, which is on the lower scalp.

“Pregnancy affects women’s hormones, which in part can cause hair loss. However, pregnancy has no effect on hair strength. Other factors that can and might have contributed to Kim’s hair loss could include: poor nutrition, stress, genetic hair loss, thyroid condition and/or certain medications. When one suffers from hair loss, I recommend seeing an endocrinologist and run a series of blood tests. Hair loss can be a sign of a bigger problem and should be monitored.”

Do you think Kim’s hair loss is normal or is she too stressed out, HollywoodLifers?

— Dory Larrabee

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